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Which SEC Fans Had The Best 2012-13? We Rank ‘Em

gfx - by the numbersBack on New Year’s Day, we showed you which SEC school’s fans had had the most reasons to celebrate during the 2012 calendar year.  With the 2012-13 basketball season now complete, we can go ahead and see which fans had the best 2012-13 school year.

Below you’ll see that we compare each school’s wins and championships in the league’s two revenue sports — football and men’s basketball.  We’ve handed out a point for each basketball win and three points for each football win (due to the fact that there are roughly three times as many hoops games).  We also awarded bonus points for several achievements:


*  National title = 50 points

*  Conference title = 25 points

*  BCS bowl bid = 10 points

*  Conference Tournament title = 10 points

*  Bowl bid = 5 points

*  NCAA Tournament bid = 5 points

*  NIT bid = 3 points


Here’s a look at who enjoyed the most big sport success during the SEC’s first year as a 14-school league:


  School   FB Points   BB Points   Nat. Title   Conf. Title   BCS Bid   Conf. Tourn. Title   Bowl Bid   NCAA Bid   NIT Bid   Total Points
  Alabama   39   23   50   25   10   0   5   0   3   155
  Florida   33   29   0   25   10   0   5   5   0   107
  Ole Miss   21   27   0   0   0   10   5   5   0   68
  Georgia   36   15   0   0   0   0   5   0   0   56
  Texas A&M   33   18   0   0   0   0   5   0   0   56
  LSU   30   19   0   0   0   0   5   0   0   54
  S. Carolina   33   14   0   0   0   0   5   0   0   52
  Vanderbilt   27   16   0   0   0   0   5   0   0   48
  Missouri   15   23   0   0   0   0   0   5   0   43
  Miss. State   24   10   0   0   0   0   5   0   0   39
  Tennessee   15   20   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   38
  Arkansas   12   19   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   31
  Kentucky   6   21   0   0   0   0   0   0   3   30
  Auburn   9   9   0   0   0   0   0   0   0   18



*  Alabama and Florida one and two in the conference?  What a surprise, right?  While the Gators and Tide do have two of the biggest athletic budgets in the conference (#1 and #3 respectively according to 2011-12 data), money wasn’t much of guarantee elsewhere.  So it’s just not spending, it’s spending wisely on the right coaches.

*  Ole Miss — which has the least amount of athletic expenditures in recent surveys — finished a robust third overall in 2012-13.  When it comes to the money sports, Hugh Freeze provided a quick boost in football and Andy Kennedy finally delivered an excellent hoops season.  Former AD Pete Boone has to love the fact that new AD Ross Bjork will get the credit for UM’s turnaround.

*  Of the league’s two newcomers, Texas A&M’s success in football pushed it far ahead of Missouri, despite the Tigers’ basketball accomplishments.  The Aggies finished #5 on our list despite a lackluster year on the hardwood.  So much for all the Big XII’ers saying that A&M wouldn’t be able to survive in the SEC.

*  Couple new basketball coach Johnny Jones with consistently-successful Les Miles and it shouldn’t surprise anyone if LSU climbs a bit on the 2013-14 chart next year.

* Woe are Tennessee and Auburn.  Consider them the opposite of Florida and Alabama.  The most recent athletic department spending data shows that UT (#2) and AU (#4) both ranked in the top five in terms of SEC spending.  Ask Vol and Tiger fans and you’ll learn that, no, money cannot buy happiness.

In case you’re wondering, here are the actual football and basketball records for the SEC’s schools in 2012-13:

  School   Football   Basketball
  Alabama   13-1   23-13
  Arkansas   4-8   19-13
  Auburn   3-9   9-23
  Florida   11-2   29-8
  Georgia   12-2   15-17
  Kentucky   2-10   21-12
  LSU   10-3   19-12
  Miss. State   8-5   10-22
  Missouri   5-7   23-11
  Ole Miss   7-6   27-9
  S. Carolina   11-2   14-18
  Tennessee   5-7   20-13
  Texas A&M   11-2   18-15
  Vanderbilt   9-4   16-17



Shouldn't there be at least some value placed on non-revenue sports?  Given the attendance, at least a couple people care about Tennessee women's b-ball or LSU baseball.  You could certainly factor them down (baseball success = 80% of basketball / track success is 25% / equestrian = 1%; etc.) but I do think it's relevant wen discussing program-wide success.


The March Madness methodology is seriously flawed without awarding additional points for NCAA tournament advancement - say 5 points per round of advancement in addition to the 5 points for making the tourney so that the sweet 16 is worth 15 points, elite 8 = 20, final 4 = 25, etc.  This seems appropriate to conference titles being worth 25 and national championships 50.  The success/failure of any college basketball season always comes down to March performance such that you can't possibly have a system that equates Florida's tourney run (advanced to elite 8) to Mizzou's (lost in first round).  

IMO it would also be worth tiering the bowl games so that the outback, citrus and peach aren't worth the same point values as the bowl formerly known as the bbva compass bowl but somebody else can come up with that methodology.


"money cannot buy happiness". Dont ask that to pre 2007 Alabama. When the money is used properly, it can produce happiness.


Dang, UGA only played 8 games of football.  It's a wonder they made top 4.


Shouldn't TAMU win the tiebreaker with UGA since a TAMU player won the Heisman?


@HoustonVol I agree.  Winning the Heisman should be in there.  And, agree with the advancement in the NCAA tournament as well.  Also, I'd think a victory in your conference championship as well as bowl game victory should be taken into account as well.  Still, kinda fun to look at.


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