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UGA Unveils New Uniforms And New Secondary Logo

There are three things that are guaranteed  to get sports fans’ attention these days.  Expansion/Realignment.  Recruiting.  And uniforms.  When it comes to one of those issues, everyone has an opinion.

Which means University of Georgia officials are probably getting a lot of emails today.  On Tuesday, the Bulldog athletic department unveiled brand new football uniforms and a new secondary logo.  But while the Nike-made unis feature the build and make of their Pro Combat series, they do not feature the ghastly “Power Rangers” look that UGA sported in its 2011 opener against Boise State.  The look features tweaks on Georgia’s traditional design and — in this writer’s opinion — they look pretty snazzy.


“We feel like we’ve got the best uniform in college football, both road and home, so why mess with it,” UGA AD Greg McGarity asked yesterday.  “We tried that one time and it didn’t work out too well.”

Georgia will use a new font for jersey numbers in all sports and it’s called Bulldog Bold.




Also, the new secondary logo will not in any way impact the school’s use of its “power G” logo.



“I want to really make it clear that this is not a rebranding process regarding the ‘G’,” McGarity said.  “We’re not touching the ‘G.’ … What this did is it helped us simplify and clearly define our brand.”

When Nike’s involved in a team’s new look — or Under Armour, for that matter — there’s reason for concern.  Those companies tend to push boundaries and burn tradition.  But Georgia and the folks at the Swoosh company did a nice job this time around.  Thumbs up.



Isn't there a way for us fans to reverse this disgrace of an idea?


The Nike 'pro Clown' unis are an abomination. Not just because most are ugly as sin but because it corrupts the traditions long established by the schools. Really disappointed to see UGA taking this ride.

Bill Dawg 85
Bill Dawg 85

Uniforms look good. But what's going to happen to Larry Munson's "Go You Silver Britches" without silver britches? The dog is horrendous! Just like the "G" brand, the present dog is immediately identifiable. When it's seen by itself, it immediately says GEORGIA bulldogs. DON'T CHANGE IT!!!!


BTW, wasn't it Nike that also gave us that horrendous BSU uniform?  WHY stick with them?


Toss these out with those made for the BSU game.  I can understand new fabrics, but there are changes that shouldn't be made.

1.  BLOCK FONT & #'s - this more "rounded" style doesn't feel right.


3.  RED "PATCH" UNDER # - WHAT is this?

4.  SILVER BRITCHES - Where are they

4.  NEW "DOG" DRAWING - WTF?!?!?  We want our DAWG back!

5.  BASKETBALL BACK "GREY DRAWING" - Again, HUH?  As I've read on many articles responses......"WE'RE NOT OREGON!!!"


I like the uniforms, don't care much for the new logo.  It looks like the old Red Dog beer label.


I agree, John.  Like the uniforms.  If I had to change my team's look and swap with someone else in the country, my choice might be the Bulldogs.  They have some of the best looking stuff in college football.  Their clothes look good in stores, too.

Nike, on the other hand, is in my doghouse.  Their Tiger Woods "Winning changes everything" campaign is despicable.  I will not be buying anything else bearing a swoosh.

Go Dawgs, Roll Tide.


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