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TV Markets, Geography Helped Doom Any Florida State/SEC Deal

state map floridaThe rumors have been around for years, so why have the SEC and Florida State never been able to strike a deal?  Buried in a long story in the Tallahassee Democrat today about the ACC’s grant of media rights are some insights from FSU president Eric Barron on the topic.

According to the paper, FSU officials never believed the SEC saw a financial advantage in adding the Seminoles. Why?  Because it didn’t add television markets or new recruiting territories.


“If you go look at all the realignments that have occurred, with maybe one exception, (they have) been to add a new state – a new territory. You look at what the SEC did; they go for Missouri and Texas. You look at the Big Ten; they hit Nebraska first, then Maryland and Rutgers in the New Jersey/New York market. So basically, they added contiguous real estate.”


Barron also told the paper he was skeptical of the numbers being bandied about in any SEC deal.


“Typically, when we hear about the SEC’s numbers, it’s every apple and orange (factored) into that pool. And typically, when you hear about ACC numbers, you’re hearing about what people are speculating about the TV contract, the details of which are not public information.”


The ACC came to an agreement Monday that extended the grant of media rights to the league office through 2027, effectively locking the league in place through that time period.




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