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Several SEC Coaches Favor Some Recruiting Downtime

dan-mullen-light-bulb copyMississippi State football coach Dan Mullen has an idea.  He’s thinking about proposing it as a future rule change, which would mean it would need backing inside the SEC and then outside with the NCAA.

According to Michael Carvell of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Mullen would like to see a four-week “dead period” during the summer that would completely sever ties between coaches and recruits.  No visits, no calls, no nothing.

The plan would allow each school to pick its own off weeks.

Carvell asked a number of SEC coaches for their take on Mullen’s notion.  The results?  Pretty favorable.


James Franklin, Vanderbilt:  “I’d be in favor of some time in the summer so that the coaches can truly have some time off.  That to me was one of the advantages of coaching in the NFL.  You truly had time off, where in college you really don’t… I’m I’m on vacation with my family for a week in the summer and the #1 recruit in the country calls me and he wants to come by your campus, what am I going to say?  No?”

Butch Jones, Tennessee:  “I think (recruiting) has been accelerated so hectic that I would be a proponent (of Mullen’s idea), even if it’s only a two-week dead period in July, where it really allows these individuals to sit back, relax and have some time off. I think the other things with these rules that we lose sight of is that we still have to coach our current teams. We’re responsible to them. We’re mentors to our current players. I think, with the all the deregulation going on, is that we have to remember we have to take care of our current teams as well.”

Mark Stoops, Kentucky:  “If we let ourselves, we could work every minute of every day. There’s got to be some balance where you spend time with your own team and developing your team. And spending time with your own family, and things of that nature. I have not heard of that before, but it does sound like a pretty good idea to me.”


LSU’s Les Miles was also in favor of some down time in one form or another.

With so many coaches reacting positively to Mullen’s suggestion, expect him to put on the table at this year’s SEC spring meetings in Destin.



I personally feel that there should be a true dead period. This will help the coaches get some down time and allow the kids time off and able to relax, gather their thoughts, etc.  However I don't like the schools pick when their dead period should be. They should just pick a month - July. No contact, no visits, just quite. Everyone talks about getting some type of balance for coaches, but few realize the effect on the kids if/when the recruiting contact handcuffs are taken off. Could you imagine the kid that gets 1000's of texts, emails and calls a day. Already we are seeing schools mail 102 letters to a kid to stuff the mail box. Recruiting is one of these keeping up with the Jones'. Once one school does a mailbox bomb, the rest will follow suit just to keep up. How effective will mailbox bombs be once the kid starts getting them from 7-10 schools? Pick the month of May. This is after spring ball, and during finals. It will allow the student a month of relaxation to focus on final exams. Plus if schools pick the four weeks, then you have one school able to overwhelm a student while knowing that their main rival will have to be quite (or cheat) to maintain contact. Plus the student might forget that Alabama is in their quite period and wonder why they stopped calling while Auburn has everyone and their mother contacting the recruit knowing that a peep out of Bama and it is a violation. So I say a dead period for everyone.

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