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Big XII Commish: We’re Content At 10, But Our Eyes Are Open

gfx - they said itThere’s a standard answer that university presidents and conference commissioners give these days when asked about expansion.  “We’re happy where we are, but we’ll be ready if the landscape changes.”

So when Big XII commissioner Bob Bowlsby sat down for an interview with the Longhorn Network, what did he say when asked about his league’s expansion plans?


“We’re distributing the largest amount of money of any conference on a per-member basis.  We have activation on campus of our third-tier rights.  Nobody does it better than Texas does with the Longhorn Network but several of our other institutions are doing a great job as well. 

We feel like this is the right shape and the right size for us.  We also feel it’s a lot easier to get larger than it is to get smaller.  We are very content at 10, but we’re not oblivious to what’s going on around us and we’re going to be ever-vigilant about the changing tide of college football.”


With the possible exception of his use of the word “ever-vigilant,” Bowlsby pretty much said exactly what everyone else says about expansion.  “We don’t want to, but if somebody else moves, we’re ready.”

A few months ago we likened the current state of the conference realignment game to the final long, tense (and did we say long) showdown scene from “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.”  Our opinion hasn’t changed.


The Duel [HD] from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (1966)


The only things left to determine?  Which league is Tuco, which is Blondie, and which is Angel Eyes?



The only reason the B12 has not expanded is the lack of quality additions, right now. If the B12 expanded today, they would be picking from CSU, UNM, UTEP, UH, Cincy, BYU, Memphis, Boise St, etc. Is there one match up of Texas or OU vs. that list that a casual fan would tune in to watch in any sport? (Maybe Kansas vs. Memphis/Cincy in men's BB)  There are few national attractive name brands that bring value and TV markets in either of the money sports. When you are already have two teams in Kansas, and the secondary team in Iowa, you don't need to add more outposts or minor TV markets. The B12 is taking a wait and see approach, just like the SEC is doing. They are waiting to see IF the ACC destabilizes and multiple teams become available out of desperation. Which I don't think will happen. Right now the B12 has a great product and is making as much money as any other conference. Plus the big cow (Texas) is happy with the status.


That was great. Forgot how good Clint Eastwood was in those westerns. Thanks.


Does anyone else believe that maybe he has Notre Dame in his hip pocket if the tide does change or at least he thinks he does?



Notre Dame runs from anything that hints at true competition.  The irony is, if they had manned up and joined the SEC, with their resources, they would be among college football's elite right now.  If Bowlsby thinks he has Notre Dame, he isn't smart enough to hold his job.


Bob, just keep praying the Tide changes in college football.


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