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UM’s Henderson Tweets An Insult At LSU’s O’Bryant

Marshall Henderson is a showboat with a bad reputation and a bad history.  He’s the kind of player that 13 SEC fanbases hate while the one he’s playing for feels he’s “misunderstood” or “picked on.”

Well, the pub Henderson is getting today is due to a classless — funny how that word is always associated with him — tweet that he posted yesterday once the All-SEC team was revealed:








Whether someone feels Ole Miss’ Murphy Holloway was more deserving of an All-SEC first-team selection than LSU’s Johnny O’Bryant isn’t the point and it’s not even close.  Neither is the fact that Henderson was defending the accomplishments of a teammate.  The point is there are better ways of voicing one’s displeasure with the coaches’ All-SEC selections than by going to Twitter and suggesting another school’s player “can’t even hold” the jockstrap of your teammate.

But we’d expect no less from a guy who’s taunted and flaunted his way through 23 Mississippi wins this season.  Perhaps if a few more of those wins had come against teams in the RPI top 200, Henderson would have a better shot at showboating his way through the NCAA Tournament as well.

Some kids are just kids.  They make a habit of silly behavior that someday they’ll outgrow.  Others cross so many lines and show so little understanding of the term “class” that it’s obvious they’ll remain Iverson-esque for years to come.  Henderson is in that group.

Ole Miss fans don’t care, of course, because he plays for Ole Miss.  But we’d love to know what they’d say about Henderson, his actions, and his attitude if he played for Mississippi State.  Here’s guessing they wouldn’t spend quite so much time defending him.

Henderson himself had an outstanding season on the court averaging 19.7 points per game for his fourth school in four years.  Hmmm.  You don’t think he was left off the coaches’ first-team All-SEC squad because they too dislike the way he carries himself, do you?



Henderson is a punk without much of a basketball I.Q. Iverson without the corn-rows and a lot less talent. We'll probably read about him in the sports pages for one more year and then the only time we will read about him will be in the police report. A punk with that much mouth is going to get in trouble.


One of the high points of the season for me was Mizzou shutting Henderson up during the thrashing at Mizzou Arena.

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