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Thought Of The Day – 3/7/13

Let’s just get right to the music today, OK?  Today’s thought/lyric allows us to teach a little Blues 101.  Some of you out there might remember an iPod ad from a couple years back featuring the legendary Bob Dylan and the following song:


iPod Ad : Bob Dylan – Someday Baby


Great stuff.  But did you know you can trace that particular song back nearly 80 years to 1935 and one Sleepy John Estes of Ripley, Tennessee:


Sleepy John Estes~ Someday Baby (1935)


Known in various forms as “Someday Baby,” “Someday Baby Blues,” and the “Worried Life Blues,” everyone from Estes to Sonny Boy Williamson to Lightnin’ Hopkins to Sonny Parker to John Lee Hooker to Muddy Waters to Ray Charles to Chuck Berry to BB King to Eric Clapton to Canned Heat — you gettin’ all this? — to Pinetop Perkins to the Jerry Garcia Band to Dylan have recorded variations of that masterpiece.  None of them, however, could match Estes’ original version from way, way back in ’35.



“Now, trouble in the morning.  Trouble late at night.  Seem like I’m treated every way but right.”


SEC news coming soon…



I've never heard this song before but I like it. The chorus made me think of another song. I know you're a Blues purist, but check out Clutch's Electric Worry if you have never heard it before.


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