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Thought Of The Day – 3/18/13

First off, congrats to Florida, Missouri and Ole Miss for reaching the NCAA Tournament.

Second, three bids for the SEC?  There should be no complaining.  The league was flat-out down this year.  Tennessee, Kentucky, and Alabama had their chances, but they failed to make good on them.  And based on past at-large teams’ RPI and SOS numbers, the SEC should be glad three teams made the cut.  In a normal year without such a soft bubble nationwide, the league could have been looking at two bids.  Regardless of what the committee chair said yesterday — ever notice how they give different rationale for their selections every year? — at MrSEC Headquarters we’re still not so sure Ole Miss was a lock before Sunday’s tourney title.

Now, moving forward, can one of the three league teams in the Big Dance survive long enough to help the SEC save face this year?  Unfortunately, you probably shouldn’t bet on it.  As good as Florida looked early in the year, their come-from-ahead losses at Kentucky and against Mississippi didn’t exactly inspire confidence.  If form holds, Missouri will leave Columbia, play well for 37 minutes and then collapse.  And with a pair of sub-200 RPI losses on its resume, Ole Miss is quite capable of bombing out against anyone if Marshall Henderson goes cold.

Then again… that’s why they play the tournament.

Today’s thought/lyric of the day here at the ol’ website dates way, way back to a 31-year-old song from John Cougar (in his pre-John Mellencamp days).  Gotta love the old music videos.  Very natural, very realistic.  Who hasn’t walked by an abandoned factory and found a rock band performing?  Guitarists often hang out on cranes.


“I know it, you wanna pick up the phone and say, ‘Talk to me, talk to me, somebody, please talk to me.’”


John Mellencamp – Hand To Hold On To





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