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Slive On Number Of SEC Schools: 12 “Ideal”, 14 “Cousin”, 16 “Distant Relative”

gfx - they said itWith a media concentration in Nashville this week for the SEC Tournament, commissioner Mike Slive is making the rounds and making news with a series of interviews.  He told Yahoo! Sports this week that the SEC Network would be formally announced in April and sat down yesterday for a brief interview with USA Today.  He was asked if further conference expansion was on the horizon.


“In some ways 12 is ideal but at least 14 is sort of a cousin of 12. Sixteen is a distant relative. We’re actually still in the process of absorbing both of these schools into our scheduling, particularly on the football side. It’s hard to absorb one, let alone two.

“There’s been some movement throughout the country but that doesn’t really affect us. Even when we were at 12 we weren’t looking. Both Texas A&M and Missouri came to us. If they hadn’t come to us, I’m not so sure we wouldn’t still be at 12.”


The long-time SEC commissioner, who turns 73 in July,  was also asked if he had any plans to retire. “I still have a lot of energy and feel good. I still get up at 4:45 in the morning. The other part of it is I don’t have a lot of hobbies. I enjoy what I do.”




But he's got to know that the 14 team conference is horrendous on scheduling.  I've yet to hear anybody praise a 14 team conference & the 2@3 X 2@4 pod scheduling idea floating around the net ruins several historied football rivalries because it wouldn't work in the SEC.

Either he's got a lot of teams lined up or 2 power players......but giving us at least a 15th team would greatly relieve some headaches.


I think he's not saying anything until the Maryland case is resolved.  So he's continuing with his strong poker face until he shows Royal Flush.


16 will happen, but probably not this year. Actually 18 or 20 might happen. I really thought Slive would have added before the next TV deal, but I guess with the SEC network money will be added if you add new states. I'm still hoping on carolina/virginia schools. I just think when it's all over we end up with V.Tech and FSU. Virginia and probably UNC go to B1G and ACC has a hard time sticking around. I just wonder who makes the first move. My guess is Slive will let Delany go first becuase SEC has more possible options since B1G expects to take only AAU school. I think Slive is pushing for AAU schools, but doesn't have to be. B1G really should take FSU/GTech combo and then add UNC/Virginia.


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