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Report: Fiesta, Cotton, Chick-fil-A Expected To Join Playoff Rotation

mrsec-breaking-newsEarlier today, we told you via Headlines that the Fiesta Bowl, Cotton Bowl, Chick-fil-A Bowl, and Holiday Bowl had sent in bids to join the new college football playoff bowl rotation.  Now, according to’s Brett McMurphy, the Fiesta, Cotton, and Chick-fil-A have emerged as “overwhelming favorites” to join the six-bowl lineup.

Sorry, Holiday Bowl.

With San Diego likely out of the mix, the six bowls/sites that have been talked about for months indeed appear to be closing in on their own places at the playoff table.  If McMurphy’s sources are correct — and they usually are — starting in 2014 your semifinal rotation will include:


Chick-fil-A Bowl — Atlanta, GA

Cotton Bowl — Arlington, TX

Fiesta Bowl — Glendale, AZ

Orange Bowl — Miami, FL

Rose Bowl — Pasadena, CA

Sugar Bowl – New Orleans, LA


Somewhere Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany must be steaming over the rotation’s lack of a cold-weather locale.



I don't see where there is a northern option at this time. They are not going to play a game in the open air stadium at the beginning of January. They don't want to risk having a weather disaster early in the rotation cycle. The Super Bowl can risk a weather event because everyone knows it will continue on regardless of a bad year. That is not a given with the future BCS championships. So that leaves domed stadiums only. I can only think of four domed stadiums in the "north" - Minneapolis, Indy, Detroit and St. Louis (I know a stretch, and still closer to B10 country than Dallas or Atlanta). Only one of those cities currently has a bowl game - Detroit. That city is not known for being able to pull off large sporting events. I don't remember great reviews about the Super Bowl that they hosted. The northern city that is the best at hosting major sporting events is Indy, and they currently do not have a bowl game. I do expect Indy to have a bowl game soon, and the B10 to push for it to be involved in future rotations of the games. One of the other issues is the cities also have NFL teams, but that does not hurt any of the other bowl game schedules.

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