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MU’s Franklin Tries To Stay Upbeat With Twitter Twirps

james-franklin-mu-new-uniMissouri quarterback James Franklin came into the 2012 football season with high expectations.  In 2011, the dual-threat signal-caller posted 21 touchdown passes (against 11 interceptions) and 15 rushing TDs.  He was expected to be the top new QB in the SEC last year.

But things started badly with Franklin needing offseason surgery on his throwing shoulder.  Coach Gary Pinkle did Franklin no favors when he stated publicly that his quarterback had eschewed a painkiller shot before a September date with Arizona State.  Franklin threw just 10 touchdown passes and rushed for none during his injury-plagued campaign.  In addition, “Johnny Football” happened at Texas A&M, making Franklin’s SEC debut appear even worse.

Unfortunately for Franklin, he now quarterbacks in the age of Twitter and Facebook.  Fans are no longer limited to sharing their frustrations via boo birds.  Now they can reach right out and smack their school’s players around via the internet.  In Franklin’s case, some have.

According to The Columbia Tribune, last month Mizzou’s quarterback tweeted some words of encouragement to Tiger hoopster Phil Pressey.  A few MU fans — can they really be called fans? — had tweeted insults in the direction of the point guard.  Franklin responded with this: “So much for One-Mizzou: if a family member messes up you should positively support them, not make them feel awful! Keep your head up Phil”

At that point, fans began showering Franklin with insults, too.  He tried to respond with humor:


Fan:  “You’re right.  Keep strong and be positive.  And maybe you’ll be 3rd string next season”

Franklin:  “3rd string?  Thanks!  I was only giving myself a chance at 4th”

Fan:  “from one failure to another lol”

Franklin:  “yes, we are huge failures!  At least we get a free education right?  I forgot that not everyone fails, my bad”

Fan:  “you gotta be kidding me!!  Pressey is in the same category as you.  Suckass when the games on the line.  #georgia”

Franklin:  “haha no, no one is in as bad of a category as me”

Fan:  “coming from the king of clutch himself… At least he doesn’t always seem to be hurt when the games get tough”

Franklin:  “I’ve always wanted to be a king yeah, but I just love faking injuries to get out of tough games”

Fan:  “have fun sitting on the bench next year.”

Franklin:  “thanks, I will try!  But I may get hurt…benches are rough”


Now, as this writer has learned via our own comment boxes, responding to anonymous posters in any way, shape, or form usually leads to trouble.  Regular readers of this site know, too, that I’m in agreement with the growing number of college coaches who ban their players from Twitter.  No good can come from college athletes using social media to engage and interact directly with upset fans.  So some of the blame for this episode does lie with Franklin.

But the truly sorry part of this story is the fact that people who claim to root for Missouri have tried to insult and damage the confidence of a player who needs their support.  What exactly is their goal?  Just to hurt another human being?

I’ve personally never understood the concept of booing, so tweeting nasty comments directly to an athlete seems even more classless.  And if the player is on your favorite team it seems even more pointless.

Franklin had a disappointing 2012.  Many he expect he’ll lose the starting quarterback job to Maty Mauk before 2013 opens.  But while in Columbia, Franklin has already had to deal with knee and shoulder injuries.  You would think that he would have earned himself a little compassion, if not respect, from Tiger fans.

But in the age of Twitter and the internet, you’d be wrong.

As for the “fans” doing that all that negative tweeting, they’d better hope recruits don’t read their cowardly, trashy comments and decide those folks are representative of the entire MU fanbase.



JF represents the the University, the football program and himself with the utmost of class. Injuries, an O line of 2nd and 3rd string players, 2nd string tailback, no TE, a ridiculous schedule and an OC that could not look up out of his pre determined play book all had a part the performance last year. James would be the first to say he was disappointed in last year. Pinkel has NEVER given the #1 QB spot to anyone until August, including Chase Daniel. I am glad James is part of the Tiger team, and he will be the starter this year.


The 'fan' is a joke in the tweets.  Franklin has played hurt the last two seasons.  He did not take a cortisone shot-I get it.  I do not doubt his toughness.  He has represented my university by being a class act in all ways.  Did he play well last year-not really.  Maybe a year of getting back in shape.  B Smitth regressed a bit his junior.  Agree with bpa_kc, if you do not have the guts to say something negative to his face-say nothing.


@XEN610 Yes, agree with negative personal anonymous comments being chicken****. Unfortunately, James game is not made for the SEC with this system.


I HATE people who talk crap on twitter/etc that they would never have the courage to say to someone's face.   If I was a professional or collegiate athlete... I think I would just stay off twitter.  Nothing good ever comes from it... especially if you are the type who takes stuff at all personally. 


I was HUGELY disappointed in Franklin last year.. but who knows how bad the injuries affected him.  I hope that James is 100% this year... and that if he is not the starter, that it is because he was beaten out by someone better. 


Franklin will be fine.  Those who question his toughness forget how he was injured in the spring practice ...He jumped into a pile to recover a fumble.  Not very smart, but it illustrated the kind of player he was.  In addition the previous year he took players head on.  Franklin never should have played last year.   He could not throw until June, but even during fall practice he could not throw on consecutive days.  Pinkel knew coming into a stronger league that he needed Franklin because the guy behind him was not ready.  He wanted Franklin to take the pain-killer and Franklin made the right choice.  The problem was theOC kept running an empty backfied and teams were teeing off on Franklin, or the OC would run Franklin up the middle.  Pinkel and his staff did not coach very well last year.


 Pinkel would love to start Mauck, but he knows Mauck is not better than Franklin. Hecould also by time by telling the alums I started a freshman at qb if therecorddoes not improve.    Mizzou fans foundation for Mauck is his high school record & Johnny Football's success as a redshirt freshman....How often does that happen.  Mauck is no Johnny Football.



 I don't think anybody is Johnny Football.  His season last year was probably the most insane thing that I've ever seen in sports.  It will be interesting if he can do the same this year with teams more prepared for what he brings to the table.  I do have very high hopes for Mauk though. 


I agree with you on the play calling.  Why do you continually run your injured QB up the middle... especially against some of these MONSTERS that reside on SEC defensive lines.  Granted, I'm sure many of those plays were read options that Franklin chose to keep, but why call them in the first place??  The empty back field has to also become a much more rare occurance going forward. 


@bpa_kc @Statesman No, but he is/was Mr. Ohio. That said, Franklin is too slow for SEC defenses for 1)Read option runs. He takes 4 steps to get going, problem is usually by 3rd step he's tackled for a loss by quicker linemen/linebackers in the SEC 2)He is slow in making pass reads and simply slow in his motion when he throws the bubble screens. Daniel and Gabbert had them in receivers hands before defender took their 2nd step...Franklin doesn't get it out until defender is on the receiver. If you understand MU's offense you know that eliminates 1/2 of it right there. Franklin's a great kid, but he needs a new role.


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