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Manziel Doesn’t Think A&M-Texas Is A Rivalry Anymore

gfx - they said itThe Texas/Texas A&M rivalry has long been one of the most heated in college sports.  But if the two schools aren’t on the same field competing against one another anymore, technically is it still a rivalry?

Not according to Heisman-winning Aggie quarterback Johnny Manziel:



“I understand the rivalry between the two… (but) for me it’s not a rivalry.  We got out of their conference, and we’re not playing them anymore, so it’s not a big deal.”


So do teams have to compete on a field or court to be rivals?  Actually, no.

Texas A&M and Texas are still competing for fan allegiance, donations, and recruits on a daily basis.  As the two lead-dog universities in the Lone Star State, their rivalry remains alive… even if it’s away from the playing field.

Johnny Football was coming at the UT/A&M rivalry from another angle and we understand that.  But if the rivalry were no longer a big deal, every post we put up about the Aggies wouldn’t be linked to on Longhorn messageboards.

Oh, it’s still a big deal.  A very big deal.



there is also a tint of " its not a rivalry " as denigration of the rivalry...... yo also have the same move being played by Georgia and Clemson on South Carolina, troll the message boards around game week and you will see it played out with the fact that Clemson has 25 more wins than the Gamecocks to draw the conclusion that until its a 50/50 split that it is not a rivalry.


Leave him alone. Frankly, it's the old farts that care about this silly stuff.. They don't play anymore, get over it. Everybody needs to move on. Johnny Football has and good for him.


Yeah, its not a big deal, but he thought it be cool to get a fake tatoo of his rival school! All his ex's don't include Texas!


The child needs to stop talking.  We all have good friends that went to tu, and we try to be nice to them - most of the time, but there will always be a rivalry whether we play them or not.   Who has the best stadiums, who has the best campus, who is in the top 10 for the best public education...... I am hoping that Coach Sumlin puts a "Sophomores can't talk to media" in place this year.


While JFF is likely one of the best QB's to ever play for Texas A&M, he is still an ignorant freshman.  Manziel hasn't even played a Texas-Texas A&M game. He knows very little about a rivalry that is likely older than his great-grandparents.


@RealAGSports  1) Manziel is not a freshman, academically he is a junior and at the end of 2012, he was considered a sophomore, not a freshman. 2) Manziel is speaking as a member of a generation that does not include his, or anyone elses grand-father. A very large number of younger Ags do not consider it a big deal (there are a considerable number of posts out there just like Manziels), they have moved on. And he is 20 or so, and that is old enough to know what a rivalry is and isn't, for him. 3) He has not played in the game, but he was on the teams roster (just not activated) when A&M played Texas the last time. So..... he has more of a feel for what the game is like than a lot of guys whose butts were in the stands.

Is it still a "rivalry" for most? Sure, Ags and Longhorns still dispise each other intensely, and from what I have read, a lot of Ags want the game to happen soon so they can beat the stuffings out of the Horns to make up for the embarrasment of two years ago. You read it all the time in posts. Is it a rivalry to Manziel? Apparently not. And he since he was speaking for himself, he gets to vote.

And the "ignorant" freshman remark was just stupid. You can argue with his style, but Manziel has demonstrated he is smarter (academically and in interviews) that he is a pretty sharp guy. A little immature? Probably, but if he stays healthy, he will have taken a career path that makes him one of the richest 20 something's in US history.

Just saying, if he is ignorant, sign me up for some of that.


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