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Ex-Gamecock Lattimore Weighs In On Spurrier’s Shirtless Style

“This guy, Curly, is a true cowboy.  One of the last real men.  He’s untamed.  A mustang.  We’re trained ponies.  It’ll do us good to be in his world for a while.”

That quote from the movie “City Slickers” was a reference to Jack Palance’s crusty, tough-guy character, Curly.  But one wonders if any South Carolina football player has ever uttered something similar with regards to Steve Spurrier.

After more than 20 years in the SEC, we all know by now that Spurrier’s tongue cannot be tamed.  When his teams win, he gets lippy.  He doesn’t care how folks will react to his brash remarks.

Another thing the Ol’ Ball Coach doesn’t care about?  Another part of him that can’t be tamed?  His love of going topless, even as he transitions into his late-60s.

Whether it’s posing in the weight room for the local newspaper…














Or sipping a Coors at the Daytona 500…


















Or running his team through spring drills…















Spurrier enjoys life sans top.  Nothing wrong with that, of course, it’s just not something you expect to see everyday.  Unless you’re a South Carolina football player.

Former Gamecock running back Marcus Lattimore was recently asked about his coach’s love of shirtlessness and he had this to say (after a laugh):


“Aw, man.  We see it everywhere.  I mean, he always does that.  He’s just a relaxed person.  He really doesn’t care about what people have to say.  It’s funny.  Of course, it’s funny because you don’t expect a coach to do that.  But that’s all part of his personality.”


No shirt, no shoes, no problem.


Kenny Chesney – No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems



Spurrier is a health nut.  It is not vanity, as you suggest, but acquisition of Vitamin D.  The best source is sunlight.  


Whats wrong the fatboy syndrome? I have seen you on the Tube.....and I bet you never went without your shirt....ever. ;)


What a swing and a miss.  So many endless possibilities.  Come on, Marcus.  Glad you are better.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Not sure where I suggested anything was wrong.  In fact, I think the first quote I used showed my respect for the guy's willingness to do whatever the heck he likes.


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