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UM’s Henderson The Latest To Do The Harlem Shake

Well, it’s no surprise that Ole Miss basketball star Marshall Henderson has taken part in a “Harlem Shake” YouTube extravaganza.  At this point, I think my mother is the only person who’s yet to post such a video (though I haven’t checked in the last hour or so).

What is a bit surprising is that Henderson Harlem Shakes as a means of endorsing someone for the role of attorney general in the University of Mississippi’s student body government.  It’s college, or else I’d wonder why an attorney general candidate would seek the endorsement of a player as famous for his off-court shenanigans as his on-court threes.  But I digress…


Marshall Henderson for Olivia Watkins AG (Harlem Shake)


Time to move on from the “Harlem Shake” thing, people.  It’s quickly zoomed by “Gangnam Style” and is now approaching “Blair Witch Project” status in terms of overdone spoofs.

As for Henderson, Rebels coach Andy Kennedy says his star’s decision to blow off a postgame media session on Saturday — with the statement, “It’s Saturday Night… I’m out” — was “all in fun.”  Kennedy said: “He just has fun with a lot of things.  Sometimes, I’m envious of his nature.  He seems to be enjoying it a lot more than I am.”


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You realize when you tell other people to move on from the "Harlem Shake" it's the equivalent of saying "get off my lawn!"  right?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Actually, it's the equivalent of saying, "I'm sick of hearing Free Bird on the radio."  Or MMMMM-bop.  


You can call me old if you like, but I'm pretty sure I remember thinking that things were overplayed when I was younger, too.


Nice attempt to be a jerk, though.




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