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Signing Day 2013: The Producers And Keepers Of Talent In The SEC

mrsec stat analysis newTo summarize our state-by-state look at which SEC states a) produced the most prospects this year and b) had the highest percentage of top 10 recruits stay in state, we’ve put together a simple comparison chart for you.

Below you’ll see the total number 5-star prospects to come from each SEC state this year.  Ditto 4-star prospects and 3-star prospects.  We’ve also tallied those three categories so you can get a better idea of which league states produced the most quality recruits in 2013.

Finally, we’ve included the percentage of each state’s top 10 prospects to stay near home.  As always, we’ve used’s star rankings.  The teams are ranked in order of the total number of 3-, 4-, and 5-star recruits produced.


  School   5-stars   4-stars   3-stars   Total   % Top 10 Staying In State
  Florida   5   47   167   219   40%
  Texas   2   43   168   213   60%
  Georgia   4   20   103   127   10%
  Louisiana   1   12   36   49   70%
  Mississippi   1   11   36   48   80%
  Alabama   2   12   25   39   90%
  Tennessee   2   7   17   26   40%
  Missouri   0   3   19   22   50%
  S. Carolina   0   5   15   20   60%
  Arkansas   0   2   8   10   70%
  Kentucky   0   3   6   9   50%


This data falls in line with what we’ve seen year after year over the five-year life of this website.  There are clearly five levels of talent-production in the Southeastern Conference states:


1.  Florida and Texas

2.  Georgia

3.  Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama

4.  Tennessee, Missouri and South Carolina

5.  Arkansas and Kentucky


Now, this is hardly a perfect breakdown.  Auburn is about as close to Georgia as it can be without actually being in Georgia.  Tennessee is closer to talent-rich Atlanta and Charlotte and Cincinnati than it is to Memphis, a city inside its own borders.

Still, if you’re looking for a simple state-by-state breakdown, there’s no debating which states have a talent-production advantage over their neighbors.


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