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Signing Day 2013: The Battle For Florida

state map floridaLooking at Wednesday’s signees — including junior college and prep school athletes — here’s a snapshot of the talent produced by the state of Florida in 2013 (as graded by


5-stars = 5

4-stars = 47

3- stars = 168

Total 3+ stars = 220


Here’s where the state’s 10 highest-ranked players are headed:


Florida = 2

Florida State = 2

Alabama = 1

Clemson = 1

Notre Dame = 1

Ohio State = 1

Ole Miss = 1

Southern Cal = 1


Loyalty:  Only four of the state’s 10 best players will suit up for Sunshine State schools next season.  With so many in-state schools to pick from that number’s a bit low.  Six different schools made successful raids for the state’s best prospects.  Will Muschamp and Jimbo Fisher can’t be too pleased about that.




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