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Oregon QB Says A&M’s Manziel Plays “Backyard Football”

mariota-manzielSo maybe his nickname should be Johnny Backyard Football.  At least that’s what Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota seems to think.

Judging by the comments on a couple of Aggie messageboards, the Ducks’ QB seems to have ruffled some feathers — pun intended — when he described Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel’s game as “backyard football.”

“For a lot of us, it’s how we were introduced to the game — just going out and making plays.  I’d like to do that.  It would be fun.  But it would be outside of my calling here.”


Now, personally I don’t see what’s so inflammatory about that comment.  Granted, Manziel was once committed to Oregon and perhaps there’s a bit of history between the two signal-callers, but this seems to be a case of looking for trash talk.

Mariota simply alluded to the differences between his role in Eugene and Manziel’s role in College Station.  And judging by that Heisman Trophy he picked up in December, Manziel seems to fit his role perfectly.

Stay tuned, but I don’t think Aggie fans should be losing any sleep over this one.


LFJeremy moderator

My only "issue" (if you can even call it that) is this: " I’d like to do that.  It would be fun."


To play Devil's Advocate, it kind of leads to the notion that Mariota assumes that he could exactly what Johnny does on the field. While I don't doubt Mariota could pull off some pretty spectacular plays in a more "backyard" style, like watching Kevin Durant or Kyrie Irving play at Rucker Park, I'm not sure how many people on the planet can do the things that Johnny Manziel can and has with a football in his hands the best NCAA talent coming for him.


That said, and as an Aggie fan, nothing to get riled up about in this one. And personally, I'd love to somehow see the Aggies and Oregon in a BCS bowl. Mariota vs. Johnny would make incredible TV and pre-game build up.


Haha who cares if he said that. People really have a way at twisting others words.


I don't see anything offensive there, at least from Mariota.  I think the only comment that could be misinterpreted is from Coach Helfrich saying "we ended up with the taller, faster, better-looking guy," and even then it sounds more like humor than critcizm.  It may not be the nicest comment in the world, but it's nothing to get offended over.


Manziel has said in the past that he is on friendly terms with Mariota


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