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Dooley Has A Little Fun With Bielema’s Recruiting Philosophy

gfx - they said itNew Arkansas coach Bret Bielema — appearing on ESPNU’s coverage of National Signing Day — described his first recruiting season in the SEC as being a bit of a “whirlwind.”  He also explained that his new Razorback team will likely share some on-field tendencies with BCS champion Alabama.

During his brief phoner, Beliema did not bring up the fact that a year ago he had complained that Urban Meyer had brought SEC-style recruiting tactics to the Big Ten (ie: chasing other schools’ commitments).  While Bielema didn’t bring up it comment, ex-Tennessee coach and ESPN analyst-for-a-day Derek Dooley did:


“Well, you know, he talks about the adjustments he’s made, he didn’t mention one.  It was his philosophy in the Big Ten that he does not recruit other people’s commits.  He will change that philosophy in the Southeastern Conference.  Or he will perish.”


Dooley drew laughs with the remark, though Bielema was off the phone when the comment was made.  For the most part, Dooley has shown on television today that he might have missed his calling in life.  Here’s guessing there are few Tennessee fans out there who agree with that assessment.



It still sticks in my crawl that Tennessee owes this clown 5 million dollars. He already made about 1 million per win his three years there. AD Mike Hamilton the gift that keeps on giving


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