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A&M’s Manziel To Work With QB Guru This Offseason… Goal: More Passing, Less Running

johnny-manziel-passesFile this one under: As if he needed any more help.

Heisman-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M will spend part of his offseason in San Diego working with noted quarterback coach George Whitfield Jr.  Johnny Football first spent time with Whitfield last summer.  The quarterback guru is credited with helping Manziel improve his throwing motion before the 2012 season.

So what will the two be working on this year?



“Johnny really wants to hone in on being able to fully operate in the pocket.  He wants to run a lot less and make more throws and still be (as effective)…

There’s going to be room for him at the next level (the NFL).  He’s tough and has a sheer will to compete.  The time he spends in the weight room this offseason will hopefully give him a stronger foundation.”


Becoming a better pocket passer is a good goal for a young man expected to turn pro after the 2013 season.  And Whitfield has done good work with other dual-threat QBs like Cam Newton, Russell Wilson, Robert Griffin III, and Colin Kaepernick in the past.

Still, you know there are many, many Texas A&M fans who are wondering what impact it will have on the Aggies’ offense if Manziel decides to do less of this next season:


Johnny Manziel Sets QB Bowl Rushing Record(229) In 2013 Cotton Bowl!!


LFJeremy moderator

While I think Johnny staying in the pocket a bit more can be a good thing, I just don't see our offense losing a step even with that. Coach McKinney will dial-up plenty of designed runs for Johnny, and there will still be times where, with 3-4+ seconds in the pocket, that Johnny will see a ton of green open up, tuck the ball, and go.


IMO, it only makes us a better team with Johnny becoming a better passer as, as we saw starting with (at the absolute latest) the Alabama game, when Johnny is on as a passer, there really isn't much you can do to stop him or this offense with any real regularity.


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