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UM Commitment Treadwell Making News Thanks To Photos

SEC Fan Truth #128:  If my favorite team is having a good year on the recruiting trail, they’re doing so in complete accordance with all NCAA rules and bylaws.  If another team — especially a rival — is having a good year recruiting, they’re cheating like the dirty nogoodniks they are.

And into that cauldron photos of Ole Miss commitment Laquon Treadwell have been tossed.  Photos of Treadwell with hundred-dollar bills.  Photos of Treadwell with two girls a’kissin’ on him.  Photos, photos, photos.

The pictures briefly appeared on his very own Instagram account — he’s yet another high school dimwit, if true — before being deleted.

Some claim the pictures were taken during Treadwell’s recent visit to Oxford.  A visit he seemed to enjoy if you believe his Twitter account:










Now guess how many Mississippi State fans have emailed the inbox about this story today?  Yep, dozens.

“Why aren’t you covering this!!!!!!!!!!” 

Oops, sorry, left off a few: !!!!!!!!!

In reality, if Treadwell did post the photos below it still doesn’t prove that anyone associated with Ole Miss gave him a single, thin dime.  It looks suspicious as Hell, you bet, but it’s not proof of anything.

What it should be is reason enough for the NCAA to pick up a phone and call both Treadwell and the University of Mississippi’s compliance office.  That is if the NCAA has the time to break away from its investigation into itself.

We’ll see what comes of this one, if anything.

But at the very least, it appears Treadwell is the latest kid to stupidly post incriminating photos of himself online.  Oh, when will they learn?





Debate what actually goes on if you wish.  You may be right, but almost certainly not completely.  At least, though, give Mississippi credit for not being stupid.  They may not win as much as others, but no one runs an athletic department on this level and does anything that asinine.  State even had the common sense to tell Cam Newton (or his dad, however you see it) no in a crowded hotel lobby.


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