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Thought Of The Day – 1/28/13



I’m not fired up about it.  You’re probably not fired about it.  So let’s just get straight to our musical/lyrical inspiration for the day, shall we?

The first song off the MrSEC iPod this morning tracks back to Chris Isaak’s fantastic “San Francisco Days” album.  Great song, great album.  And it’s now 20 bleepin’ years old.

Well you know how some songs immediately — and I mean as soon as you hear the opening chord — take you straight back to a particular time and a specific place in your life?  Hopefully a good place?  This is one of those songs for yours truly.

It was November 13, 1993.  The day second-ranked Notre Dame knocked off top-ranked Florida State 31-24 in what was billed as “The Game of the Century.”  I’m in Chicago visiting a girl I met in Europe — go figure — and walking to a place to watch the game we pass the Hard Rock Cafe.  The song blasting through the outdoor speakers?  “I Want Your Love,” by Chris Isaak.  I can still hear that song echoing across the Chicago streets.

So to Leslie, Glascott’s Saloon, and even God-awful Midway Airport… here’s thinking of you.


“Tell me that you love me, that you’re never gonna leave me, that you’re never gonna hurt me, that you never will deceive me, that in dreams at night you see me, that you’re always thinking of me, tell me.  I want your love.”


I Want Your Love by Chris Isaak


Maybe this Monday won’t be so bad after all.

An SEC hoops update is on the way…


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