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Thought Of The Day – 1/11/13

Friday’s here and not a moment too soon, folks.  Headlines are coming soon.  And Part 4 of our Big Bang series on conference expansion and realignment will be up shortly.  Today we’ll look at the latest rumors and scuttlebutt plus we’ll tell you why each of the main conferences will make moves, which moves they should make, and just how big we believe they’ll be when they finally come to the end of this realignment cycle.

But first, your morning inspiration comes from a track that is probably not on any of our readers’ iPods.  It scores on two fronts with us here at MrSEC Headquarters.  First, it’s a classic blues song.  Second, it’s Pink Floyd.  Early, early, early Pink Floyd.  As in a very rough demo from the just-getting-started-in-the-business Pink Floyd.

If you don’t know the song, you should.  And if you’ve never heard Pink Floyd do it, you need to.


“I’m a king bee.  I can buzz all night long.  Well, I can buzz better, baby, when your man is gone.”


Pink Floyd-I'm A King Bee (rare live session 1966)



Very cool - I think that recording pre-dates David Gilmour - but it's a far cry from Pigpen.  Check out the Dead's '69 Fillmore sets.

You've probably seen it, but if not, check out Floyd performing Echoes in Pompei. 


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