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SEC RPI Watch – 1/21/13

gfx - by the numbersHere’s your Monday morning look at the current records and RPI scores for the Southeastern Conference’s 14 basketball teams.  The league currently has just three top 50 RPI teams (Texas A&M has fallen out of the top 50) and is ranked as only the eighth best league overall by the computers.

The takeaway?

Don’t expect more than four NCAA Tournament bids for SEC schools this March.  And with the SEC ranked as just the eighth best hoops conference there’s a strong possibility that only three league teams make the field.


  School   RPI   SEC Record   Div. I Record   Last Game
  Florida   6   4-0   14-2   83-52 W Missouri
  Missouri   26   2-2   13-4   52-83 L @ Florida
  Ole Miss   32   4-0   15-2   76-64 W Arkansas
  Kentucky   52   3-1   12-5   75-53 W @ Auburn
  Texas A&M   58   2-2   12-5   49-50 L @ Alabama
  Alabama   59   3-1   10-6   50-49 W Texas A&M
  Arkansas   79   2-2   11-6   64-76 L @ Ole Miss
  Tennessee   99   1-3   9-7   72-57 W Miss. State
  Vanderbilt   124   1-3   7-9   58-51 W @ S. Carolina
  LSU   164   0-4   9-6   58-67 L @ Georgia
  Georgia   184   1-3   7-10   67-58 W LSU
  Auburn   198   2-2   8-9   53-75 L Kentucky
  S. Carolina   229   1-3   11-6   51-58 L Vanderbilt
  Miss. State   241   2-2   7-9   57-72 L @ Tennessee



Ole Miss = 7 wins in a row.  Florida = 6 wins in a row.  LSU = 4 losses in a row. NCAA Tournament Projection as of 1/21/13

Florida, Ole Miss, Missouri, Kentucky (on the bubble)


SEC Midweek Schedule

S. Carolina at Missouri (Tuesday, 7:00pm ET)

Kentucky at Alabama (Tuesday, 9:00pm ET)

Florida at Georgia (Wednesday, 8:00pm ET)

Auburn at Vanderbilt (Wednesday, 8:00pm ET)

Texas A&M at LSU (Wednesday, 8:00pm ET)

Miss. State at Arkansas (Wednesday, 9:00pm ET)

Tennessee at Ole Miss (Thursday, 7:00pm ET)


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