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SEC Headlines 1/13/2013

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1. Virginia Tech had interest in Georgia offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, expect him to get a nice raise.

2. New Kentucky coach Mark Stoops on recruiting:  “I think it’s very important for us to get into Ohio...There’s tremendous football being played in Ohio. We want to treat that as home base.”

3. With the hiring of cornerbacks coach Derrick Ansley and receivers coach Tommy Mainord, Stoops has filled out his coaching staff at Kentucky.

4. New SEC coaches are battling an accelerated recruiting process.  ”There are less official visits in January than there were a decade ago, because the process has accelerated so much.”

5. Former Missouri offensive coordinator David Yost is joining Mike Leach’s staff at Washington State as wide receivers coach.

6. Brian Kelly will stay at Notre Dame and not leave for the NFL – working on extension and raise.

SEC Football

7. Tennessee runing back Quenshaun Watson has left the team to deal with family and personal issues.  Return in doubt.

8. John Adams on the success at Vanderbilt: ”They’re suddenly a top-25 program trying to recruit another top-25 class. And, strange as it seems, Tennessee is the program trying to catch up.”

9. From LSU’s class of 2010, there are only five four-year seniors expected to start or be a regular contributor next season – just about everyone else is headed to the NFL.

10. Potential candidates to replace the three Alabama players leaving school early for the NFL.

11. Oregon running back Kenjon Barner speculates about a matchup with Alabama: “I think we would have been just fine against them as long as we stayed within ourselves and played Oregon football.”

SEC Basketball

12. Texas A&M’s victory at Rupp Arena was the first conference loss for UK under John Calipari. A&M coach Billy Kennedy. ”The message is Kentucky is really young,” Kennedy said. “That’s the big message.”

13. Ole Miss in line for a national ranking on Monday?

14. The league’s unbalanced schedule, those Thursday-Saturday turnarounds and calls for a “true” SEC champion.

15. A nearly two-year old NCAA investigation into the University of Miami may be nearing an end. University of Missouri basketball coach Frank Haith was the Hurricanes coach from 2004 to 2011.


16. Tim Tebow’s brother takes some enjoyment out of the Denver Broncos playoff loss Saturday.

17. College athletes and Twitter: “People spew some pretty vitriolic things to these players.”


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John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

First, Mike Mitchell did the headlines today, not me.  I only do headlines on Mondays and Fridays.


Second, neither this website not this story have anything to do with the television or radio work I do.


Third, if you heard that I said something but you didn't actually hear it yourself, it's probably best not to comment on it.


Fourth, I wrote this piece earlier this week:


I believe Nick Saban is the best coach in college football today.  When he retires, I believe he'll be looked back upon as the best SEC coach in history.  But as it stands, Bear Bryant has more national titles, SEC titles and SEC wins.  Steve Spurrier has more SEC titles and SEC wins and he changed the SEC from a run-first league into a pass-first league in the 1990s, which was a HUGE change for the entire conference.  Saban has dominated the league, Spurrier changed it.


For now, I'd put Bryant and Spurrier ahead of Saban for those reasons.  My opinion.  But I firmly believe that if Saban coaches for another five or six seasons, he'll retire as #1 on my all-time SEC list.


I'm not trying to convince anyone.  Everyone's free to their opinion.  But so am I.  


And any TV or radio work I do has nothing to do with headlines on this site which are usually written by someone else.


Many thanks for reading the site,



 @John at MrSEC 


With all the years Spurrier has had to win national championships, he's done it only once.  With much fewer chances Saban has done it four times.  Who's the better coach?  And Saban has the higher winning percentage.  And higher bowl game winning percentage.  Saban's SEC and national championships have come at two different schools.  


The run first, pass first issue is meaningless.  It has nothing to do with how good a coach is.  Football is a game of imitation and any little success by anyone will be imitated by others.  And you don't have to be Tim Tebow, AJ McCarron or Johnny Football to know that it's not a pass first league anymore.  Even spurrier isn't pass first anymore, is he?  So who then is the great coach that gets all the wonderful credit for making the SEC a run first league again?


And if Saban wins another national championship next year, a total of five, four in the last five years, your logic would still say Spurrier is the better coach.  Spurrier will still have more sec titles and more sec wins and he'll have changed the league to pass first.  So doesn't that right there tell you something's wrong with your logic?  


Great coaches win championships.  

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



I gave my opinion and apparently you're upset that I don't throw ENOUGH love Nick Saban's way.  I remember taking crap after his 7-6 2007 season for calling him the best coach in the SEC.  I've consistently said he's the best in the league and I believed he would do at Alabama what he did at LSU.  He has... and more.


But I have a hard time putting someone with a decade's worth of wins ahead of two men with multiple decade's worth of wins who (in Bryant's case) won more national titles and (in Spurrier's case) literally changed the way the SEC plays football.  


If for some reason, my opinion, makes you angry or teary-eyed or in need of posting again, well, that's on you.


Enjoy your opinion.  It's a fine one.  It's just not mine at the moment.




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