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SEC Headlines – 1/30/13


1.  Auburn players believe a team meeting will help turn their season around.  (Yeah, those always work.)

2.  Arkansas — still struggling on the roadis prepping for a three-games-in-six-days stretch.

3.  LSU’s depth could get a boost tonight against Missouri.

4.  Tiger guard Anthony Hickey is excited by the prospect of facing Phil Pressey, the nation’s assist leader.

5.  Freshman Craig Sword on the Mississippi State basketball team: “Sometimes we don’t even realize that we’re being selfish.”

6.  Texas A&M visits the Bulldogs at The Hump tonight.

7.  The Aggies will need Ray Turner to start playing like he practices.

8.  Billy Donovan wants his #4 Gators to know “no team’s perfect.”  Kenny Boynton: “It’s nitpicking.  But at the same time, we know as a team it gets us better.”

9.  Wow.  Florida has held each of its opponents so far beneath its scoring average.  Just wow.

10.  Bottom-dwellers Auburn and Georgia face off tonight in Athens and the Dawgs see opportunity.

11.  Kentucky’s RPI jumped from #62 to #45 with last night’s win at Ole Miss.

12.  Frank Martin is helping South Carolina guard Brian Richardson improve his confidence.

13.  His Missouri teammates expect Laurence Bowers to return to action tonight at LSU.

14.  Tiger center Alex Oriakhi will need to step up his game in Baton Rouge.  “I’ve had a lot of bad games, unfortunately, on the road in my career.”


15.  Several SEC spring game dates have been set… Alabama’s will be on ESPN2.

16.  With SWATS chips back in the news, University of Alabama officials say the controversial quacks have twice ignored cease-and-desist letters demanding they stay away from Tide athletes.

17.  If Texas and Texas A&M are forced to renew their Thanksgiving rivalry it could mean Arkansas and LSU will continue their Friday-after-Thanksgiving series.  (The SEC hasn’t said that rivalry is going anywhere, but there have been mucho rumors of LSU and A&M pairing up on Thanksgivings.)

18.  But as we wrote yesterday, it would be an upset if a bill to revive the Aggies/Longhorns game actually became a Texas law.

19.  Kentucky’s renovation of facilities project will cost $110 million and will be paid off over 30 years.

20.  Missouri got an $8 million gift from one couple yesterday.  “Missouri, right now, probably has the nicest and best facilities of most schools in the Big XII.  Now, when you compare that to the SEC, that’s a different ballgame.”

21.  Some Super Bowl-bound ex-Georgia players are praising some ex-coaches… who are now at Tennessee.

22.  Despite all those reports of Derek Dooley joining the Dallas Cowboys’ staff, it hasn’t actually happened yet.  (Last evening, ESPN touted its signing day coverage as including Gene Chizik, but not Dooley who had been promoted previously.)

23.  This one’s already made our recruiting headlines — check out our Recruiting page — but in case you missed it: A number of Vanderbilt players used Twitter to go off on a high school kid who backed out of a commitment to VU.

24.  This fall’s season-opener between Ole Miss and Vandy could be moving from Saturday, August 31st to Thursday, August 29th.

Other Stuff

25.  When college sports as we know them die off, Ed O’Bannon might be listed as a “cause of death.”

26.  Dr. Phil says the guy who hoaxed Manti Te’o “fell deeply, romantically in love” with the Notre Dame linebacker.  (I can’t believe I just linked to something tied to “Dr. Phil.”)

27.  AJ McCarron’s girlfriend covered Super Bowl media day for “Inside Edition” yesterday.  (Is that show really still on the air?)

28.  A few Super Bowl ads are already taking heat.

29.  ESPN’s Mark Schlereth got caught badmouthing Tim Tebow.

30.  The Big XII has been talking to some Florida bowl games.  Will the SEC or Big Ten be opting out of one of their umpteen Sunshine State games?  (We know the SEC wants to land one Texas bowl.)




I can't believe you linked Dr. Phil either, or that you mention Te'o.  Why keep stirring this stupid pot?

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



Because you folks keep clicking the links.  If people didn't want to read it, we'd dump it.  Matter of fact, this is the first Te'o story (I think) that I've linked to this week while back on headlines duty.




Mizzou gets an $8 million dollar gift which for most of us is an Incredible amount of money, but in college sports in general, the SEC in's a drop in the bucket and may build u at best a decent baseball facility...i think the Alum's/boosters etc are going to have to dig very deep to keep up with the SEC Facitly Arms Race...


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