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SEC Headlines – 1/28/13


1.  Meet the SEC’s Players of the Week.

2.  Florida is up to #4 in the polls after to moving to 6-0 in the SEC.

3.  Kentavious Caldwell-Pope has led Georgia in scoring in 17 of the Dawgs’ 19 games.

4.  Kentucky and North Carolina will renew their basketball series next season at Chapel Hill.  (The Tar Heels will visit Rupp Arena the following year.)

5.  Tennessee will play its third game in six nights tomorrow against Vanderbilt.

6.  The road woes continue for LSU.

7.  Ole Miss’ Marshall Henderson is “the most entertaining villain in the country.”  (That’s ’cause he’s a showboat and Auburn fans didn’t take to kindly to it over the weekend.)

8.  The Rebels are now all the way to #16 in the polls.

9.  If Mississippi State can “make some hay” at home, Rick Ray says they’ll be right back in the conference race.

10.  Heading to Starkville on Wednesday, Texas A&M’s Billy Kennedy wants someone other than Elston Turner to start scoring.


11.  Ex-Gator great Chris Doering wants to help a preferred walk-on follow in his footsteps in Gainesville.

12.  Mark Richt could get himself a raise next month.

13.  The Sports Business Journal looks at Tennessee’s financial woes and a “Neyland Nosedive” in attendance.

And More

14.  Opinion: “Put blunty, college basketball stinks.”  (No argument here.)

15.  The Big East wants a 12th school — we’ll wait for your gasp — and it wants to keep the “Big East” name.

16.  Ex-Tennessee coach Derek Dooley a “perfect fit” as the Dallas Cowboys’ new receivers coach?

17.  Speaking of the Vols, Super Bowl linebacker and ex-Ole Miss Rebel Patrick Willis says he’s still motivated by the fact that UT didn’t want him.  (That worked out well for Willis, not so well for Phillip Fulmer and Tennessee.)

18.  There’s already a partial plan in place for players to collect money if a lawsuit over the rights to student-athletes’ names and likenesses ever bears fruit.

19.  Ex-Chiefs and ex-Patriots GM Scott Pioli believes the three best underclassmen (and six of the best 10) in the upcoming NFL draft toiled in the SEC.

20.  Baltimore’s Bernard Pollard says the NFL will be out of business in 30 years because it’s trying too hard to protect players.  (Wonder if Pollard would feel that way if he were a receiver and not a safety?)


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