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SEC Headlines – 1/14/13

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1.  Someone’s put together a pretty slick infographic for Alabama’s BCS title game win over Notre Dame.

2.  This writer believes kids have a right to do some waffling when it comes to their commitments.  (Agreed… so long as it’s not just done for attention in this made-for-ESPN age.)

3.  New AD Eric Hyman is reviewing Kevin Sumlin’s first year at Texas A&M and it could mean some more greenbacks for the coach.

4.  Kliff Kingsbury is taking Aggie linebackers coach Matt Wallerstedt with him to Texas Tech as the Red Raiders’ new defensive coordinator.

5.  New assistant Steve Stripling will be Tennessee’s sixth defensive line in as many years.

6.  Here they are – the most memorable moments of the 2012 SEC football season.

SEC Basketball

7.  The SEC has named its Players of the Week.

8.  There were a number of ugly records set during Arkansas’ 56-33 win over Vanderbilt on Saturday.

9.  Once more depth is an issue for the LSU basketball program…

10.  But the Tigers “aren’t concerned” about their recent shooting woes.

11.  Mississippi State “got a monkey off (their) backs” with a road win on Saturday.

12.  Ole Miss is a different team with a different chemistry this year.

13.  Tennessee freshman Armani Moore is angling for more playing time.

14.  Vanderbilt could be without leading scorer Kedren Johnson tomorrow against Ole Miss due to a partial dislocation of his shoulder.


15.  Four NFL teams have made a run at Jon Gruden.  (Has any coach ever aided his resume more without actually coaching?)

16.  Expect “shameful” coaches’ salaries to keep right on rising.  (Got to keep on rising.)

17.  The Sporting News ranked four SEC stories among the 10 worst for the 2012 college football season.  (Question: How can a kid being paralyzed on the field rank as less horrible than the Bobby Petrino scandal?  Ridiculous.)

18.  The Big Ten might just rename its Legends and Leaders divisions.  (Two years too late.)



Reguarding #17:  No disrespect to Lattimore (who ranked #1), but I think Devon Walker getting paralyzed and almost losing his life on the field is a much worse story and definitely more serious issue than a knee injury, especially during a time when head and spinal issues are being revealed as serious problems.  While Lattimore should recover and will hopefully have a successful career, Walker's life will never be the same.


Clearly the author of that article was looking at what it meant to the on-field aspect of football, and Lattimore means more to the game than Walker (much higher NFL asperations, the injury happened on national TV, etc), but if he were looking at the sport as a whole he would show more respect to Walker's story.  (and like John said, it's shameful this idiot even has Petrino ranked as a worse story than Walker)


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