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Musburger Seems To Take A Shot At Comment-Gate Silliness

brent-musburgerBrent Musburger landed in some tepid water after stating during last week’s BCS title game that AJ McCarron’s girlfriend — Miss Alabama Katherine Webb — was attractive.


The broadcasting legend also dared to suggest that quarterbacks always have the prettiest girlfriends and wives.  Oh, so offensive.  What a stereotype?  Musburger even hinted that kids should want to play quarterback at Alabama, specifically.  As if there’s some sort of history of ex-Bama signal-callers dating/marrying hotties.

ESPN ridiculously apologized for Musburger’s comments soon after he made them.  (You can read our initial take and listen to his comments here.)  The network did not apologize for cutting to shots of Webb in the stands.  The network also did not apologize for color analyst Kirk Herbstreit’s comment which seemed to back up Musburger’s assessment.  The apology was simply for Musburger’s remarks.

Webb herself said on national television that she was flattered by Musburger’s statements.  She should have been.  If not for the ESPN cameras and the announcers’ (plural) comments, she probably wouldn’t have picked up about 90,000 Twitter followers during the game, been invited to appear on the “Today” show on NBC, or been asked to pose for a Sports Illustrated pictorial.  Yep, Musburger really did that poor gal a disservice.

Some feel Musburger referring to Webb as attractive was just another example of men objectifying women during a sports broadcast.  OK.  But here’s guessing the chit-chatting women on ABC’s “The View” have probably said from time to time that a male actor or signer is handsome. Don’tcha think?

Poor fellas, always objectified.

Well Musburger doesn’t seem to be taking all this nonsense too well.  ESPN’s apology of last week stated that “the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.”  No, apparently he does not.

Signing off after last night’s Kansas-Baylor basketball game, Musburger seemed to let everyone know what he thought of the whole cockamamie controversy:


“Once again, your final score, Kansas 61, Baylor 44.  Coming up next: ‘SportsCenter.’  For Fran Fraschilla and Holly Rowe, who was really smokin’ tonight, I want to say ‘so long from Lawrence.’”


Holly Rowe is SMOKING


So long as Rowe knew Musburger was going to make that comment — or was fine with it — we tip our official kepi to the broadcaster.  Whether his latest remark heats the water he’s in from tepid to warm to hot remains to be seen, but by making that remark last night it’s pretty clear Musburger doesn’t give a hoot.

Kinda like Webb herself.

(Asked for comment, an ESPN official claims Musburger said it was really smokin’ tonight.”  Sounds more like “who” than “it” to us, but you can listen to the clip and make up your own mind.)



"Some feel Musburger referring to Webb as attractive was just another example of men objectifying women during a sports broadcast.  OK.  But here’s guessing the chit-chatting women on ABC’s “The View” have probably said from time to time that a male actor or signer is handsome. Don’tcha think?

Poor fellas, always objectified."


Don't be obtuse, now. I agree that ESPN singling out Musburger was silly, because they're all just as bad, but it is undeniable that the media in general (which includes men and women) pays a creepy and disproportionate amount of attention to women's bodies. Even if Webb seems to have reaped some kind of benefits from the attention shown her during the broadcast, no one asked her for her consent before making her into a sex object on national television. That's the problem. The patriarchy allows men to assume that all women's bodies are available for public comment all the time, and that's sexist and creepy and wrong. Webb wasn't a public figure (or at least wasn't performing as one simply by being at her boyfriend's football game). Men do not suffer anything comparable.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



It depends on the show and network you're watching.  A football game will have a male-heavy audience and you'll have shots of cheerleaders and majorettes and pretty girls as a result.  I'm guessing that if you flipped over to the Lifetime network you'd see a lot more handsome men in their programming.  That was my point.


As for Webb not being a public figure, she's Miss Alabama and you can find her swimsuit photos all over the internet.  


Are women objectified more than men in our society as a whole?  Yes, I believe so.  But in this case, it was simply a matter of giving the audience what it wants.  Male football fans want to see pretty girls.  Women who watch Lifetime movies like to see good-looking men (typically playing wife-beaters, wife-killers, or rapists).  


I don't think that's being obtuse, just realistic.


Also, I don't believe that saying someone is pretty or handsome is the same as saying "Look at the ___________ on that one."  So I didn't feel that Musburger crossed a line.


Just my take... and you're free to disagree.  This one will play different for everyone.


Many thanks for reading the site,



 @John at MrSEC  @CDarwin

 She has agreed to be in the SI swimsuit issue.  If her shoot resembles some of the others they flash all over the place when they advertise it on the web and elsewhere, she has no room to complain.


I watched and listened to that live and I must say I got a chuckle out of Brent's comment. The apology baloney is just that. Yes, he may not have been smooth...that might have been creepy, but his statement was neither wrong or creepy as delivered. Let's get real folks, she is a beautiful woman who is Miss Alabama. She wants people to look at her!!! Also, he is simply commenting on what the guy/gal in the truck put on the screen, as usual, ad nauseum. And if there is anyone reading this that was offended, please, get over yourself.


ESPN shows cheerleaders all the time. They made sure to show Ms. Alabama every time McCarron thew a pass. Now they act offend for this??? Musburger knows how one little slip of the tongue can cost someone he was at CBS when Jimmy the Greek was fired. Funny thing is he's not Marv Albert.



 Jimmy the Greek's tongue didn't slip.  It fell out of his head.


If you were offended by his comments (they were a little creepy, but I mean offended), then I ask you - what would YOU have said in the second half of a 42-14 mercy killing?


Well it was pretty clear to me he said "it"


Let me see if I got this straight.


We fully endorse our young girls and women being paraded around in a football stadium in what amounts to the same amount of cloth as their underwear, doing dance routines with a flag and or pom poms, posing on occaision in sexually suggestive routines, and we're okay with the cameras focusing on them at least 10 times a game, but we get up in arms because a guy verbalizes what everybody knows?

Personally, I thought Brent's comments were just sophomoric and clumsy. Not deliberately offensive, but stupidly delivered. They were not clever, not humorous, just an old guy trying to compliment AJs girl friend while tripping over his tongue. But, because most folks really are interested in who the best looking and famous people date, the woman gets a bump up in marketability and attention. And Brent gets hammered for saying something "offensive." I thought they should have docked his pay because he could not figure out how to say what we were all thinking without coming off as blubbering.


He said what the readers of People Magazine and Oprah's inquiring minds want to know (and there are millions and millions of them), at the level of sophistication most of them have, and because that is true, she gets invited on the view, a program populated by hideously unattractive people. Yep, I actually said that.


Next time Brent, figure out a way to comment on the attractiveness of a Miss Alabama (how obvious is that) without damaging your taste buds by stepping on them.


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