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Latest News Commitment Comparator – 1/10/13

blue-chips-stackDown the backstretch they come…

With just 27 days left until National Signing Day, the rush is on for SEC schools to bait, hook, and reel in as many recruits as possible.  Below you’ll get an idea of just how well they’re doing.

As usual, we use the star rankings provided by  For each star the Rivals folks hand out, we award one point.  But for the prospects they’ve yet to grade — the dreaded 0-star recruits — we also assign a point.  Call us softies.

We then look at the numbers in three different ways.  First, we look at the total talent being brought into a program.  That’s the top chart.  Just straight total points.  Quantity.

Then, in the second chart, we rank the teams in terms of their average points-per-commitment.  This gives you an idea of what type of athletes — generally — are giving handshake agreements to the SEC’s 14 schools.  Quality.

In our third and final chart, we look at the number of 4- and 5-star recruits that have committed to each school.  Recruiting rankings aren’t a science, but the more high-end type players a coach brings in, the better his chance of finding some diamonds. High-caliber prospects.

This week, we’ll also provide you with our overall combination rankings.

First, quantity…


  School   Commits   5-stars   4-stars   3-stars   2-stars   1- & 0-stars   Total Points
  Texas A&M   34   0   15   18   1   0   116
  Georgia   29   0   14   15   0   0   101
  LSU   25   0   17   8   0   0   92
  Florida   25   1   14   10   0   0   91
  Alabama   20   2   11   7   0   0   75
  Vanderbilt   21   0   2   19   0   0   65
  Ole Miss   20   0   4   16   0   0   64
  Miss. State   21   0   3   14   4   0   62
  S. Carolina   19   0   5   14   0   0   62
  Tennessee   18   0   4   14   0   0   58
  Missouri   18   0   1   17   0   0   55
  Auburn   15   2   7   5   0   1   54
  Kentucky   16   0   1   14   0   1   47
  Arkansas   14   0   1   12   1   0   42


Now the quality rankings…


  School   Commits   Avg. Pts/Commit
  Alabama   20   3.75
  LSU   25   3.68
  Florida   25   3.64
  Auburn   15   3.60
  Georgia   29   3.48
  Texas A&M   34   3.41
  S. Carolina   19   3.26
  Tennessee   18   3.22
  Ole Miss   20   3.20
  Vanderbilt   21   3.09
  Missouri   18   3.05
  Arkansas   14   3.00
  Miss. State   21   2.95
  Kentucky   16   2.93


Next, the high-caliber prospects…


  School   4- & 5-star Commits
  LSU   17
  Texas A&M   15
  Florida   14
  Georgia   14
  Alabama   13
  Auburn   9
  S. Carolina   5
  Ole Miss   4
  Tennessee   4
  Miss. State   3
  Vanderbilt   2
  Arkansas   1
  Kentucky   1
  Missouri   1


As a bonus, we’ll go ahead and provide you with our own combo ranking today.  First, we take the commitments as broken down above — quantity, quality, high-caliber prospects — and then we rank each school 1-14 in each category.  At that point we add up each school’s three rankings to get a combination rank — the lower the score the better — that should give you an idea of how the SEC’s 14 schools currently stack up on the recruiting trail.


  MrSEC Rank   School   Quantity Rank   Quality Rank   High-Caliber Rank   Total Points
  1   LSU   3   2   1   6
  2   Texas A&M   1   6   2   9
  3t   Florida   4   3   3   10
  3t   Georgia   2   5   3   10
  5   Alabama   5   1   5   11
  6t   Auburn   12   4   6   22
  6t   S. Carolina   8   7   7   22
  8   Ole Miss   7   9   8   24
  9   Tennessee   10   8   8   26
  10   Vanderbilt   6   10   11   27
  11   Miss. State   8   13   10   31
  12   Missouri   11   11   12   34
  13   Arkansas   14   12   12   38
  14   Kentucky   13   14   12   39



Am I missing something?  How can A&M have 34 commits? Isn't the limit like 24-25?  I know it's common to oversign some, but 10 seems excessive


Vanderbilt, Carolina, Mississippi, and Alabama still have a lot room to move.  Anything can happen at Auburn, but if Malzhan moves much higher he will have been worth the risk, at least for now.  I would be surprised if all of those first four do not finish strongly.  Rivals already has five SEC schools in the top ten, and it would be difficult for anyone not already there to do it, but each of those four should at least land in the top fifteen-twenty.



besides the early enrollies, if i'm not mistaken the number of players a school signs can average out over the years.  for example, (and for the sake of a round number) suppose the limit is 30 per year.  if a school undersigns with 25 one year, they can sign up to 35 the next year or have 5 extra to use over a certain number of years.  don't count me that and i can't be sure those are the exact facts, but i do believe i have read something along that line.  i'm sure john's explanation will be much more clear.


@KY_Daktari Georgia's in the same boat but with a soft cap of 28, if you can get some to enroll early, they can count towards last year's class.



Quick update.   I just made my daily visit to an A&M site and read where Sumlin just announced 9 early enrollees.  So, there you go.  34-9=25.



 In a nutshell, early enrollees and borrowing scholarships from previous years that were/are not used.  I also think when players go pro, like Moore & Joeckel, that frees up a scholarship for 1 year too.  Anyway, there are articles out there on this and I'm sure "John at MrSEC" will go into a lot more detail.  Really looking forward to that article b/c this is a question asked A LOT on various boards.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



I'll answer this in a separate post.


Thanks for reading the site,



@Tired of waiting Judging by the number of comments posted, your opinion seems to be in the minority.


 @Tired of waiting  I wouldn't say 'nobody cares'.  I care, because I like to see how my school is comparing to others in the conference. 

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

 @Tired of waiting 


Hmmm.  It seems you feel you can TELL us what to do.  I'll send you our PO Box, you can send us a check for, say, $1000 bucks, and then we'll be happy to take your "request."  But if you don't like the site, don't read it.  We post 1000s of stories a year.  I'd say only about 20 of them deal with expansion or realignment... and that's when expansion/realignment is in the news or when we're hearing it's about to be in the news.


We post stories when we feel confident in the information we've gathered, not before.  I told another person in a comment section earlier this week that Part 4 would go up this week.  That's still the plan as the story is being worked on today.  But if we get some conflicting info from what we've heard already, we're going to have to confirm that info.  


In other words, we'd rather be accurate than fast.  And we're not interested in just throwing any old junk out there for the sake of getting pageviews.




 @John at MrSEC  @KY_Daktari did they really only sign 15 players last year, or is there some sort of leeway for them coming into the league?


 @John at MrSEC  @Tired of waiting

 A-men John!  You guys do an outstanding job on this site.  This site, along w/ an Aggie site, are my daily early morning coffee stops.  Ok, I visit this site several times a day b/c you guys are great at updates as well!  Keep up the good work and keep us on the edge of our seats!  I can wait for accurate news.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator

 @bvkv09  @KY_Daktari 


A&M got no leeway.  


A&M signed 19 players last year.  So that would mean they could sign up to 31 players this year if six of this year's signees enrolled early and were back-counted to last year's group.  (19+6=25 in 2011, 31-6=25 in 2012)


So how is A&M at 34 commitments right now?  Well, if all three of those extra players sign, then it would mean three of  A&M's 2012 signees were early enrollees who counted back to 2011.  In essence, A&M would have added three 2012 signees to 2011, it would have had a 16-person class in 2012, and the school could grab a total of 34 players this year.


I'm not familiar with exactly how many Aggies actually enrolled early last year, but hopefully this gives you a clearer idea of how the process works.


Thanks for reading the site,



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