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Mizzou A.D. Alden Talks NCAA Investigation Into Miami, Haith

gfx - they said itMissouri athletic director Mike Alden was out of the country last week when the NCAA announced that it had bungled parts of its investigation into the Miami athletic department.  One of the ex-Miami coaches who was reportedly on the verge of being charged with unethical conduct is current Tiger basketball coach Frank Haith.

Yesterday, for the first time, Alden addressed the NCAA’s botched investigation:


“I’d look at this nationally first.  I’ve never seen anything like that before in my tenure in college athletics.  So, I think it certainly raises lots of questions.  I appreciate the fact that the NCAA has come up and they’re addressing it.  We’ll kind of have to see how that plays out…

Based upon the conversations I heard that were taking place yesterday (during a conference attended by NCAA president Mark Emmert and a number of athletic directors)… there’s a significant amount of concern nationally relative to the integrity of the process and the transparency.  How that impacts other institutions, whether it’s us or whatever, time will tell.  We’re just going to have to continue to monitor it.”


Alden said he has no insight on when the NCAA might wrap up its sleuth work.

Whether the governing body drops the hammer on Miami, its ex-coaches and Haith remains to be seen, but you can bet there will be some serious appeals if they do.  Further, the screw-ups in the investigation could also open the door to actual court battles — can you say Jerry Tarkanian? — if things go poorly for those currently under the NCAA’s microscope.




Looks like the ncaa screwed this up big time, haith and miami may get lucky and get out of this mess before its all said and done?  The ncaa however does have a long memory, and it looks like haith and others were dealing under the table and will get off on a botched investigation, but there will be "Eyes" on him and his program for years to come, we will see if he can do it the right way?

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