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Conference Bowl Records: This Year And Last 15 Years

gfx - by the numbersAnother year, another SEC national champion.  All the handwringing over the league’s 3-3 start to the bowl season was clearly a major waste of time and effort.  We noted a week ago that the SEC’s bowl winning percentage over the past 15 years was about 60%, not 100%.  As it turns out, this year’s winning percentage was about 67%.

This wasn’t a down year for the SEC in bowl games… it was an up year.

Below are the updated bowl records for all of the major conferences during the 2012 season and over the course of the last 15 years (the BCS era):


  Conference   All Bowls ’98-’12   BCS Bowls ’98-’12   All Bowls 2012   BCS Bowls 2012
  Big West   2-0 (100.0%)   0-0   0-0   0-0
  Big East   46-29 (61.3%)   8-7   3-2   1-0
  SEC   73-50 (59.3%)   17-8   6-3   1-1
  MWC   32-24 (57.1%)   3-1   1-4   0-0
  Pac-10/12   41-45 (47.5%)   13-7   4-4   2-0
  Big XII   57-63 (47.5%)   9-11   4-5   0-1
  ACC   49-55 (47.1%)   3-13   4-2   1-0
  WAC   23-28 (45.0%)   2-1   2-0   0-0
  C-USA   33-41 (44.5%)   0-0   4-1   0-0
  Big Ten   47-59 (44.3%)   12-14   2-5   0-1
  Sun Belt   10-13 (43.4%)   0-0   2-2   0-0
  MAC   21-28 (42.8%)   0-1   2-5   0-1



*  The SEC has 16 more bowl wins than any other conference since the 1998 season.

*  The SEC has more bowl bids over that span than any other conference.

*  Despite its teams often playing opponents that finished higher in their own conference standings, the SEC has the third-best winning percentage among conferences.  Only the Big West — defunct for more than a decade — and the Big East have better overall winning percentages since 1998.

*  Look at the overall bowl records for the Big Ten and the MAC and you have to wonder just how much talent remains in the American Midwest as people migrate to the South and to the West.  No wonder Midwestern teams and leagues are searching for ways to reach the prospects in the Sun Belt region.

*  Of the five major conferences remaining today — ACC, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-12, and SEC — only the SEC has a winning bowl mark over the past 15 seasons.


And finally, the list everyone is talking about this morning:


  Season   BCS Champion   Conference
  1998   Tennessee   SEC
  1999   Florida State   ACC
  2000   Oklahoma   Big XII
  2001   Miami, FL   Big East
  2002   Ohio State   Big Ten
  2003   LSU   SEC
  2004   Southern Cal   Pac-10/12
  2005   Texas   Big XII
  2006   Florida   SEC
  2007   LSU   SEC
  2008   Florida   SEC
  2009   Alabama   SEC
  2010   Auburn   SEC
  2011   Alabama   SEC
  2012   Alabama   SEC



Based on the stats the Big East would be the best conference top to bottom. They have the higher winning percentage and often play far away on the road since most of the bowl games are out west, south and southeast. When you are LSU, Florida and Alabama playing BCS games in Florida and New Orleans definitely provide a home field advantage.  


You forgot about context... big surprise.  You don't explain why the Big East or WAC has winning records do you?  Put in strength of the opponent and where the bowl is played and it might be more evident why the records are what they are.


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