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Big East Commissioner Says “Challenge” Series With SEC Ending

secbigeast.0_standard_352.0Big East commissioner Mike Aresco says the Big East/SEC Challenge in basketball is going bye-bye. 

We’ll pause briefly for you to mourn.

The six-year-old made-for-ESPN event has produced few memorable games.  The SEC is down in basketball at the moment.  The Big East is set to lose its most recognizable basketball programs shortly.  Add it all up and it’s probably a good time to kill the series off before we’re stuck with matchups the lieks of Ole Miss-UCF and Tulane-Georgia.

SEC spokesperson Craig Pinkerton says the league is “continuing to explore our options for continuing an event like this.”  Just not with what’s left of the Big East.

Tim McGraw sums up our feelings about this news perfectly…


Tim McGraw – Not A Moment Too Soon(official music video)


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Has anyone taken a look at this challenge and the ACC/B1G version to see how they are different?  If that one were to go away, our fans would be up in arms (er, I certainly would be).  Forgive the ignorance, I know little about the SEC/BE variety.

John at MrSEC
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They're different in that there were fewer "name" basketball schools in the SEC and the Big East is a revolving door of schools.  There was no real connection.  An SEC-Big XII challenge -- as an example -- would have more luster as the two leagues at least share some common borders.


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