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Tuberville On Texas A&M: “Awfully Tough For Them To Repeat What They Did This Year”

New Cincinnati coach Tommy Tuberville knows what it’s like to compete in the SEC.  In 14 years as head coach at Ole Miss and Auburn, he won 110 games while losing 60.  And while he hasn’t coached in the conference since 2008, he still has some opinions about it.  Appearing on Paul Finebaum’s radio show, Tuberville offered his forecast for Texas A&M, which went 10-2 in their initial SEC campaign under coach Kevin Sumlin and Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Johnny Manziel.

“Kevin Sumlin is doing a fabulous job of recruiting. I’ve recruited against A&M for years, and they’re making their mark in recruiting against all the Big 12 teams and any team that’s coming into the state of Texas.

“With that said, I think they probably overachieved this year. Knowing the talent that they had with the quarterback that played and obviously was one of if not the best player in college football. But it kind of catches up with you. I think next year will be even tougher because teams will now see what they’ve done and who the quarterback is, they’ll gameplan in the summer, and it’ll be awful tough for them to repeat what they did this year.”

With Manziel claiming the Heisman Saturday night, we’ve already heard the question being asked: Can he repeat?  Those same types of questions are now being raised about Texas A&M with the Aggies heading into their second SEC season next fall.



With the potential loss of their four best defensive players and three of their four best offensive players, next year could be a rocky one for A&M.  The offense may thrive (or it may look like it did against UF/LSU if there are no receivers who can get separation).  The defensive front seven will take a big hit.  On the bright side, the defensive backfield should look better (hard not too).  And maybe Berthelot improves.  If you offerred me 9-3 today I'd take it.  


And A&M doesn't have a summer to game plan and counter other teams adjustments. Come on. Sumlin knows that other teams have plenty of film to watch. A&M has great talent and is bringing in even better talent. We'll be fine.


since when is it tubby's business what a&m does, especially when he has nothing to do them at all in cincinatti.  he couldn't even beat a&m at their "weakest" times (in 2010 it was Tanehill's 1st start after a 4-3 start, last year they were blown out after a&m started 2-2 and temporarily ended their 2nd half skids).  i expect a&m to do the same or better, especially with a much more favorable schedule than this year and more experience for the young guys.


As long as TAMU keeps recruiting NFL quality linemen, they will do fine. All of TAMU's success has been credited to Manziel and other play makers. The reason TAMU was able to win was that Sherman recruited NFL quality linemen. Without those linemen, Manziel and crew would not have enough time to do their damage.


Maybe a little bit of truth in this but only in the fact is they may not win in the same way.  With the recruiting boost A&M will get is going to change things.  TU is down and you can't turn on the tv with out seeing A&M everywhere is going to be a big factor in the Texas recruiting war.  Not to mention I think it helps they have a great, exciting,  black coach.  We haven't seen an over abundance of that within the SEC and some families are going to like it.  They don't win in the same way but the aggies keep on winning.  BTHO OU.  


It is always hard to predict the future, but it is easy to imagine A&M looking back one day at joining the SEC as the day they stepped out of Texas' shadow and onto the national stage and looking back at Johnny Manziel as the one who put them on the map, much as GA fans see Herschel.


Tuberville also said that A&M would lose its recruiting footholds in Dallas and especially Houston which is becoming even more comical by the day.  So you can't really take him seriously anymore.  Baylor had been recruiting better than Tuberville and he finally got tired of it and left.


 @pbrstreetgang  Maybe. 9-3 is a whole lot better than I thought they would be this year, and 9-3 is pretty frigging respectable. I'm not convinced they will repeat in 2013, but Sumlin has a very good defensive coordinator, they did very well with what they had defensively this season and they have had back to back good recruiting years. So.... if I was in the West and my name was not Alabama or LSU, I'd be thinking its a better than 75 - 25 bet they will win against me next year. If Saban is still the coach next year, the Ags will pay for this year, but they are going to be up for LSU. What makes college ball so much fun, its pretty volatile.



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  3. [...] This Article: Tuberville On Texas A&M: “Awfully Tough For Them To Repeat What They Did This Year” ← Back to Home Tags: catches, college, football, homepage, johnny manziel, kevin, [...]

  4. [...] This Article: Tuberville On Texas A&M: “Awfully Tough For Them To Repeat What They Did This Year” ← Back to Home Tags: catches, college, football, homepage, johnny manziel, kevin, [...]

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