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Thought Of The Day – 12/27/12

Good Thursday to you… though don’t it just feel like a Tuesday?  Holidays always have that effect.

At any rate, here’s your morning lyrical/musical inspiration and today it comes from the one-of-a-kind Junior Brown.  What else needs to be said?


“But I’m sleeping alone in this wreck I own, broke down south of Dallas.”


Jr. Brown live – Broke Down South of Dallas



Junior was terrific in that video....he can't sing worth a heck but he sure can bend them strangs. I think his singing is a mystic attraction.


The article was written to bring discussion, mission accomplished. It is interesting that the SEC said the 2012 schedule was a one year deal then they would come up with a plan, well when 2013 schedule was released they said same thing again. Take those two years Ala plays East opponents that go 3-13 in 12 and are to play ones that went 1-15, while LSU played ones that went 13-3 and in 13 will play ones that were 14-2 in 12. In law school the first thing learned even the appearance of a conflict is a conflict.

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