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Thought Of The Day – 12/21/12

Well, if you’re reading this it must mean the Mayan apocalypse hasn’t swept everyone away after all.  At least not yet.  But we’ve got a morning melody that’ll make you wish you had been snuffed out.

In honor of this special day, yours truly decided to break the tradition of letting you sample the first song off the iPod each day.  So I hunted down a song with the word “apocalypse” in the title.  The first song to pop up was a catchy little ditty from a group named Arch Enemy.  Now, if you’re not familiar with Arch Enemy — I wasn’t — it seems they’re a “Swedish death metal” band.

Now, I’ve actually been to Sweden and found the people of Stockholm and the Gamla Stan to be warm, friendly, and welcoming.  After spending a week there I decided I could live there someday.  So the combination of the words “Sweden” and “death metal” gives me a good chuckle.  Even more amusing is the fact that the members of Arch Enemy came from various other bands with names like — and I’m not kidding — Spiritual Beggars, Armageddon, Carnage, and my personal favorite… Carcass.

Congratulations on living to see the beginning of the Mayans’ 14th Baktun and here’s hoping you have a Devil of a good time with our musical/lyrical inspiration for this Friday:


“My apocalypse is near.  I can feel the end… coming near.”


Arch Enemy- My Apocalypse [HD]


Just me, or at the 2:30 mark did Arch Enemy riff a few bars from Bananarama’s 1983 hit, “Cruel Summer?”  C’mon, Swedes.  You call that death metal?

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