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Thought Of The Day – 12/12/12

Gotta love 12/12/12, dontcha?  I mean, seriously, no one will be seeing that one again for another 100 years.  And since the world will go boom in nine days — thanks, Mayans — there’s no way anyone will even be around in a hundred years to witness the next 12/12/12.  So you better live it the heck up today.

If only it weren’t a stinkin’ Wednesday.

Hard to live it up on a Wednesday.

Oh, well.

News, views and numbers are coming soon.  Until then, here’s your morning lyric to get the day rolling.  Pretty sure this marks the first time Bruce Springsteen has provided our morning kickoff.  Great song.  Also — for those who care — the first one-shot video in the history of MTV.


“God have mercy on the man… who doubts what he’s sure of.”


Bruce Springsteen – Brilliant Disguise


News on the way…


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