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MrSEC Year In Review: Top 10 October Stories

1. Dooley Debate Rages At UT; Sources Say He Talked Buyout Last Year (also see Dooley Denies Buyout Claim)

2. Conspiracy Theorists Up In Arms/SEC Explains Spot Of Ball In Alabama, Ole Miss Game

3. A&M’s Sumlin Needs To Lighten Up Over Celebration Video

4. What Mizzou And A&M Are Learning About The SEC

5. Bama’s Bryant Still The Best But Spurrier Pulling Away From Other Great SEC Coaches

6. More Cracks Begin To Show In AU Foundation As Dye, Chizik, Barkley Talk About The Tigers, Each Other

7. A Pregame Rumble, A UF Coach Shoving An UGA Player, Cats And Dogs Living Together

8. CBS’ Danielson Backs Saban Comments About Hurry-Up Offense “100%”

9. There’s “Good” News And Bad News For USC’s Lattimore

10. Vegas And The SEC: Just How Accurate Are Those Opening Lines?

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