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MrSEC Year In Review: Top 10 April Stories

1. Mizzou “Wants To Grab A Little Piece Of What Oregon Has Done” Uniform-Wise…Ugh  (Also see Not As Bad As They Might Have Been)

2. “The Hire” And “The Lie” Could Bring Down Petrino (Also see Petrino’s Out, But What’s Next For Arkansas)

3. UM QB Wallace Makes News For Taking A Punch

4. Spurrier Jabs Richt, Saban…Proving That He’s Winning Again

5. A&M Might Build A New Stadium Due To SEC Move

6. Georgia Recruiting Is About To Get Tougher

7. Aggies “Gigged” Over T-Shirt Screw-Up

8. The SEC Captures The Flag-Again (And Rival Fans Hate You For It)

9. This Year’s Returns And Deductions For SEC Football Teams

10. Mizzou OC Yost Ready To Challenge SEC Defenses  (Yost left after a 5-7 season)

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