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Latest News Commitment Comparator – 12/12/12

It’s been one month since our last commitment comparator went up and that means we’re now just eight weeks — just two months — removed from National Signing Day.

With that in mind, we wanted to catch everyone up on the current state of recruiting across the conference.  As usual, we use the star rankings provided by  For each star they hand out, we award one point.  But for the prospects they’ve yet to grade — the dreaded 0-star recruits — we also assign a point.  Hey, we’re nice guys.

We then look at the numbers in three different ways.  First, we look at the total talent being brought into a program.  That’s the top chart.  Just straight total points.  Quantity.

Then, in the second chart, we rank the teams in terms of their average points-per-commitment.  This gives you an idea of what type of athletes — generally — are giving handshake agreements to the SEC’s 14 schools.  Quality.

In our third and final chart, we look at the number of 4- and 5-star recruits that have committed to each school.  Recruiting rankings aren’t a science, but the more high-end type players a coach brings in, the better his chance of finding some diamonds.  High-caliber prospects.

First, quantity…


  School   Commits   5-stars   4-stars   3-stars   2-stars   1- & 0-stars   Total Points
  Texas A&M   34   0   15   18   1   0   116
  Georgia   30   0   13   17   0   0   103
  Florida   23   1   13   9   0   0   84
  LSU   22   0   16   6   0   0   82
  Alabama   19   2   11   6   0   0   72
  Ole Miss   20   0   2   18   0   0   62
  Vanderbilt   20   0   2   18   0   0   62
  S. Carolina   19   0   4   15   0   0   61
  Miss. State   21   0   4   11   4   2   59
  Tennessee   17   0   5   11   1   0   55
  Auburn   15   2   5   8   0   0   54
  Missouri   17   0   1   16   0   0   52
  Arkansas   17   0   2   13   1   1   50
  Kentucky   14   0   0   13   1   0   41


Next, we look at quality…


  School   Avg. Pts/Commit
  Alabama   3.78
  LSU   3.72
  Florida   3.65
  Auburn   3.60
  Georgia   3.43
  Texas A&M   3.41
  Tennessee   3.23
  S. Carolina   3.21
  Vanderbilt   3.10
  Ole Miss   3.10
  Missouri   3.05
  Arkansas   2.94
  Kentucky   2.92
  Miss. State   2.80


And finally, a look at the high-caliber prospects only…


  School   4- & 5-star Commits
  LSU   16
  Texas A&M   15
  Florida   14
  Alabama   13
  Georgia   13
  Auburn   7
  Tennessee   5
  Miss. State   4
  S. Carolina   4
  Arkansas   2
  Ole Miss   2
  Vanderbilt   2
  Missouri   1
  Kentucky   0


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None of these 3 measures tells the whole entire story, even all 3 combined, now does it ?


The University of Georgia, for example, has 54 scholarship recruits available for the Nebraska game coming up plus 1 transfer-in.  This is because of an attrition of 30 scholarship recruits previously given credit to UGA who have transferred-out.


It is important to look at the 5 years' worth of recruiting which make up a team, and to deduct any who are not available for that season for any reason.  There could still be a hole in that program's recruiting at a position with a glut at another position.  5 quarterbacks on the roster for example playing only 1 ever for any reason as always, would be a glut, if you have just lost the entire defense after 2012 season, and have needs across the board in a sophisticated defense which takes several years to master by any player.


UGA has 6 who are already practicing with the team for our up-coming Nebraska game, a team who runs the football when we're # 79 in the nation against the run and have lost the only game ever between the 2 programs.  These 6 and hopefully 13 more will be signed up for classes in the next 2 weeks, and all of those possible 19 will count toward our 2012 Signing Class, which was way short of the numbers required to be signed, as is obvious.


We have, as you document above, signed up quite a few bodies and have therefore recruited far more of the less than blue-chippers Mark Richt normally gets as a percentage of his total.  So, he has released 30 who averaged 3.73 and has replaced the 30 who averaged # 2 best quality in The SEC with the 30 now who are # 5 best quality in The SEC.


This should not be confusing to anyone on any point.  We have averaged the # 7 recruiting class averaging both and Rivals the Mark Richt era 2001 through 2013 recruiting class, hopefully not totally completed with super recruits to fill the remaining half a dozen available scholarship recruits.  This is the 2nd best in the nation, averaging # 7 only to Southern California 2001 through 2013 recruiting classes.  This is validated by the fact that Mark Richt has 71 scholarship recruits of his who have gone on to be Drafted by the NFL, and stands to have 11 more after Nebraska who will be Drafted.  This too is # 2 best in the nation, again behind only Southern California, and unless Southern California can have 7 drafted themselves after the bowl games, Mark Richt will have taken UGA to the # 1 slot in the nation in scholarship recruits drafted by the NFL.


We beat # 4 Florida this season, and it appears with a bowl win by Vanderbilt, we will have beat 2 teams 2012 who made the Top 25, with Vanderbilt at # 27 today, looking to break into the Top 25.  Nebraska at # 23 will drop out of the AP Poll Top 25, if we beat them.  The Big 10 is way weak on teams they beat who made the Top 25.


In the Mark Richt era, UGA has beat 20 and lost to 28 who made the AP Poll Top 25.  It was better, but we had that run there after beating Georgia Tech in 2009 who made # 13, until we beat # 4 Florida 2012, where we lost 10 in a row.  We are positioned now to have a good 2013 in that regard with Aaron Murray having finally his All-America 2013 season and some post season award with our entire offense returning except for 2 wide receivers whom both drop the football frequently in their 4 years for us.


Our Defense 2013, despite 11 who started for us taking their talents to the NFL after the Nebraska game, will be very good.  All the 54 scholarship players we have remaining today, have played a lot.  They played their hearts out, for example, against # 2 Alabama a few days ago.

GlennCampbell 1 Like

Its interesting that the top 5 teams in 4 & 5 stars almost double the 6th ranked team.... or an even greater advantage the farther down the list you go.  I have a feeling Texas A&M is getting ready to be a juggernaut like AL & LSU.  I think four factors play into that, the first two were unknowns before the start of the season: 1. Initial success

2. A small dip in the success of Texas

3. The talent in Texas

4. The allure of playing in the nations elite football conference.


The west is going to be a very difficult division to win.  Glad my team isnt in the west.



 Yes Glenn, Texas A and M has taken great advantage of being in The SEC in recruiting.  The players in Texas would love to say that they played at home and played against the very best talent in the nation.  The crowd at their games, is most clearly an SEC Crowd, as worthy as any program in the nation to be a SEC Crowd.  Johnny Heisman was a lot of fun to watch all 2012.  Glad I guaranteed that win by him over Alabama, and wish I had not likewise guaranteed our win over Alabama too.  SEC East and SEC West have both put up exact equal totals 2012 in every fashion possible.  SEC West and SEC East have played dead even 2012.  SEC West and SEC East have dead even number of wins over teams making the AP Poll Top 25.  And, SEC East can certainly have every hope that Vanderbilt, currently way deserving at # 27 in the AP Poll can make it into the Top 25 with a bowl win.  That would give The SEC East 4 Top 25 teams to the only 3 SEC West.  Obviously, Alabama and Georgia are dead even.  Obviously Florida 2012 has had a better year by far than every SEC West team.  And, South Carolina is certainly equivalent to LSU or Texas A and M 2012.  But, you are right that Texas has done nothing, in fact you could go further than that and say that The Big XII has done nothing in a long time.  I for one am glad Texas A and M joined us, and like you, consider their future success to be great.  They have all the ingredients now to compete with Texas, telling the recruits the NFL will be at every game and watch film against every single player they line-up against.  Very good observations you have there GlennCampbell, sir.

buddha22 1 Like

@GlennCampbell They have always recruited well, that hasn't been the problem. The good news for A&M is that they have a competent coaching staff and backed into a Heisman QB!!!


 @buddha22  @GlennCampbell

 Did not quite understand backed into Johnny Heisman ?  They recruited head to head with Oregon and Stanford for Johnny Football, and they signed him.  Stanford could have really used him this season.


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