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MrSEC 2012 Year In Review: Top 10 January Stories

1. Mizzou Students Welcome Themselves To SEC In Embarrassing Fashion

2. Report: LSU’s Chavis Turns Down $1 Million Offer From UT

3. Panic On Rocky Top: Dooley Responds

4. Big 12 Reopens Expansion Can Of Worms

5. No Permanant Cross-Division Rivals In The SEC?

6. Recruiting Rankings Do Matter…If You Know How To Look At Them

7. Kansas City Aims To Become SEC City, But The SEC Should Be Picky With Its Tourney

8. Virginia Tech And North Carolina State To The SEC? Prepare For Some Political Battles

9. Kiel And Taylor Situations Two-Sides Of The Same Dirty Coin

10. If Bowl Eligibilty Standards Are Raised, The Impact On SEC Will Be Big

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