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ESPN’s Jaworski On Bama’s Saban: “I Don’t Like Liars”

Ron Jaworski is a darn good NFL analyst.  He was the first of what’s now a legion of ex-NFL players hired by ESPN to break down game film for viewers.  He did it so well, all those others have followed.

But he’s sounding oh-so sanctimonius these days.

Asked about Alabama coach Nick Saban by WPEN-FM in Philadelphia, Jaworski let the Crimson Tide’s coach have it with both barrels:


“I’m not a Saban guy, because I don’t like liars, and I think he lied.  I think he lied to the Miami Dolphins and to the fans of Miami and he left.  And it’s pretty simple, I think integrity is very important, if you don’t have integrity, I don’t know how you can be successful.  Yeah, I know he’s great at Alabama and he’ll probably win another national championship, but I just don’t like people that don’t have integrity, so it’s pretty easy for me to say I don’t want Nick Saban in town.”


Well, hello.

Look, if Saban misled Dolphins’ ownership about his intentions — and it’s claimed he did — then fine, have at him.  But if this is about Saban’s public denials regarding Alabama’s gig while he was still coaching Miami, give it up.  I’ve yet to hear any coach anywhere come out during a season and say, “Yep, I’m looking to get out of here.”  Good luck to any coach who would say that because his team would up and quit on him seconds after he uttered those words.

Coaches always lie at pressers when asked about other jobs.  They have no choice.  As for lying to their employers, well, that’s a different beast.

Still, Jaworski sounded just a bit too pious when knocking Saban’s integrity.  Are we to believe Jaworski has never lied?  To anyone?  And if he has lied at some point in his 61 years, who decides what size lie renders a man integrity-less?



I've always liked Jaws, only he looks like a boob for saying what he said about Saban.


First of all, either Jaws doesn't know what happened in Saban's negotiation process and is unjustifiably talking trash; or he DOES know, because it is a standard, widely-accepted negotiating tactic used by all or most professional sports coaches and their agents and PR people.


I guess this means he also hates ALL politicians (liars, one and ALL), every sports agent he's ever had (liars and deceivers--you HAVE to be to broker these 8- & 9-figure sports contracts), all attorneys (enough said), MANY salespeople working on commission (ditto), most news reporters and journalists (ditto), and many of the athletes he has been associated with and athletes in other sports (cheating in various forms). And I guess he never APPROVED of his own players and teammates PRETENDING that they caught a football that they KNEW it actually touched the ground first. These are ALL integrity issues. Yet, he makes a big deal about Saban?! Come on, Jaws! At least be consistent!


I don't know what happened with Saban in his negotiations, and I could care less. Jaws doesn't know either. I think maybe he needs to go look in the mirror.


Saban played the Dolphins just like he played LSU.  No reason to expect he would do anything different at Bama.  I do not think he will leave Bama for the NFL because he went down that road and when you cannot over recruit and stock pile players with broken promises and have to play on an even playing field like the NFL then it comes down to coaching.  He failed at the NFL and would fail again just like another college coaching genius named Steve Spurrier.

Holtbru 1 Like

Sounds like he is JEALOUS of Coach Saben's incredible SUCCESS !!!.......TO ME.........


DaveinExile 1 Like

Jaworski is an increasingly irrelevant broadcaster. What do increasingly irrelevant broadcasters do? Try to get noticed, by any means possible. Since I don't think there's much of a market for Jaworski sex tape, this is about all he can muster - firing blanks at a non-NFL target (meaning safe) about something that happened six years ago (because he's an idiot).


Enjoy broadcasting oblivion, Jaws.

Tusk 1 Like

Coach Saban must be devastated by this.

Dnayew 1 Like

Haha dang. You get 'em John.

NatanElias 1 Like

'Lying' is saying one thing while doing or planning another, a la Bobby Petrino.  Stating one's position and later changing one's mind is a very different animal.  All those who have never done this, stand and point fingers.  The rest of us will not be self-righteous.

sojourner 1 Like


 I don't condemn Petrino or Saban for bailing on their NFL gigs.  Nobody seems to get their guts in an uproar when an owner cans a coach.  If an owner has the absolute right to terminate the relationship, so does the coach. Slavery went out with the civil war.  But, I'd lay off the self-righteous angle.  Petrino did no different than did Saban.  That he did it for Bama confers no absolution. 

NatanElias 1 Like

 @sojourner I was referring to his motorcycle affair, not  his switching jobs.


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