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Which SEC Teams Have Done The Heaviest Lifting So Far?

With the season drawing to a close (and some fans getting rather angry whenever we suggest their favorite school might have faced an easy schedule), we thought it might be interesting to see just who in the SEC has taken down the toughest opponents in 2012.

We looked at the records of each schools’ FBS opponents only, no FCS schools were included.  From there, we simply added up the records of each SEC school’s vanquished foes.  Yes, that means that Kent State’s 9-1 record is equal — in this quick overview — to the 9-1 records posted by Alabama, Florida and Georgia.  If you want to look at “real” strength of schedule, check with a computer ranking service.  We just wanted to see which league teams have piled up wins versus other teams that know how to win games (even in lesser leagues).

Below are the results with the SEC schools ranked from best to worst in terms of how many victories their beaten opponents have recorded:


  SEC School (Record)   Win Total Of Defeated Foes   Overall Record Of Defeated Foes   Overall Record of Foes Defeated By
  Florida (9-1)   52 wins   52-37   9-1
  Alabama (9-1)   49 wins   49-41   8-2
  Texas A&M (8-2)   41 wins   41-29   17-3
  Georgia (9-1)   38 wins   38-52   8-2
  S. Carolina (8-2)   38 wins   38-42   17-3
  LSU (8-2)   36 wins   36-34   18-2
  Miss. State (7-3)   20 wins   20-39   25-5
  Missouri (5-5)   18 wins   18-22   41-9
  Vanderbilt (6-4)   14 wins   14-36   33-7
  Tennessee (4-6)   12 wins   12-19   47-13
  Arkansas (4-6)   11 wins   11-19   44-15
  Ole Miss (5-5)   10 wins   10-30   40-10
  Kentucky (1-9)   9 wins   9-1   63-27
  Auburn (2-8)   7 wins   7-13   56-24


Feel free to double check the math on that.  We ran the numbers and then ran ‘em again, but there’s still an awful lot of cipherin’ in all that.  We could have copied a number over wrong from Excel to the site.


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Ole Miss defeated teams with a combined total of 16 wins to date...

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John at MrSEC moderator



"We looked at the records of each schools’ FBS opponents only, no FCS schools were included."


UTEP is 2-8, Tulane is 2-8, Auburn is 2-8 and Arkansas is 4-6.


Ole Miss' fifth win over came over Central Arkansas of the FCS.  So that's 10-30 for FBS teams the Rebels have beaten.


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