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UT’s Bray: “I’m Paid To Win Football Games”

On the long list of verbal screw-ups, stumbles and slips that fans don’t want to hear their school’s athletes make, saying anything that suggests NCAA rules have been violated ranks pretty highly.  Unfortunately for Tennessee fans, Vol quarterback Tyler Bray put his foot in his mouth in that very way yesterday saying:


“I’m paid to win football games.”


That portion of his comment went viral on the internet and even found its way onto the USA Today website.  According to The Knoxville News Sentinel, the comment was taken out of context as Bray was involved in “friendly banter with a reporter” at the time.

When asked to clarify his statement, the junior quickly said: “I mean my education.  That’s what the SEC likes to call ‘getting paid.’”

Do we at believe Bray’s statement really reveals that he’s getting regular paychecks from the folks in Knoxville?  No.

We just believe it further shows that bad press and trouble seem to follow Tennessee’s QB.  Whether it’s hotdogging on a jet ski, tweeting about “bandwagon” Volunteer fans, tossing beer bottles and golf balls at parked cars, or wording a statement so poorly that it takes off on the internet, Bray’s history shows that some kind of kerfuffle is always just one step (or statement) away from finding him.



We should have had the sports reporters digging into the economy. Benghazi and the miserable response to Sandy in NY...a stark contrast to how the national press handle the "important" stuff vs the "toy department."


Ok, really?  I heard about this yesterday and thought it was so stupid.  You talk about the media or whoever stretching on things.  We as a society are way to critical of innocent statements people make.  Saying, "that's what I get paid to do", or, "that's why I get paid the big bucks" is such a cliche statement, and for it to have people reading anything more into it is absolutely ludicrous.  Of course, Bray's explanation was kinda stupid as well.  He should simply have said, "really, you've never heard that expression"?


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