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USC Confirms: No New Surgery Needed For Lattimore

When an athlete suffers the brutal kind of injury that took down Marcus Lattimore a couple of weeks ago, you look for positives.  You’re glad when you get any positive sign.

And the South Carolina athletic department revealed a positive sign yesterday – Lattimore will not require more than one surgery.  This backs up what Gamecock coaches said earlier in the week.  And, yes, it’s a positive.  Lattimore’s leg appeared to have been so mangled that my first concern upon seeing the injury was not ACL or MCL.  It was circulation.  Lattimore’s leg looked like it been snapped in half at the knee.

We still do not know whether or not the great player will play again, but according to school officials:


1.  He had his surgery in Birmingham last week

2.  Multiple ligaments were repaired

3.  He was returned to and release from a Columbia hospital on Monday

4.  He is not expected to need another surgery on the knee

5.  He has already begun rehabbing the knee in preparation to play again someday


Those are all good signs.  And we continue to wish Lattimore and his family the best as he works to return to the gridiron at some point.

Unfortunately, Lattimore won’t be attending this weekend’s Carolina-Arkansas game at which a new sign will be unveiled marking the back’s new career rushing touchdown record.  Doctors told him it was better to stay away than to attend the game.


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Guess I should be eating a little bit of crow on this one.  I really thought his ligament reconstruction surgery would be delayed to due to his knee not being able to maintain his reduction.  So, glad I was wrong about that.  Definitely should give recognition to the on-field athletic trainers for USC.  Sounds like they really did a great job in the recognition and management of his injury.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



No crow necessary.  I was thinking the same thing you were due to the previous injury to ex-Georgia running back Robert Edwards.  I just didn't run with that notion on the site because I didn't want to speculate about someone's injury when I hadn't talked to the doctors on hand.


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