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UM’s Freeze Tries To Be Nice, VU’s Franklin Says There’s No Need To Be

Somehow this isn’t surprising given the public personas of Hugh Freeze and James Franklin.  One reached out to the other this week in an effort to be an over-the-top nice guy.  The other responded coolly, like a boxer before at a pre-bought weigh-in.

Ole Miss’ Freeze made the unusual-for-everybody-else gesture of calling Vandy’s Franklin earlier this week to make sure the Commodores’ coach had everything he needed for his first trip to Oxford this weekend.  For any Commodore fans wondering if Freeze was trying some sort of reverse-jinx, mind trick on their coach… he wasn’t.  He says he’s made such calls before.  And in the case of Franklin, Vandy’s coach was very kind in reaching out to him when Ole Miss quarterback Bo Wallace’s sister was having surgery at Vanderbilt University Medical Center a month ago.

According to Freeze:


“I think it’s possible to be very competitive and still be courteous.  If I have a relationship with visiting coaches that are coming to our place, that’s not uncommon for me to do that.  I’ve done it this year with Clint Conque (Central Arkansas), Mack Brown (Texas), and Gene Chizik.  I didn’t talk with (Chizik) on the phone, I texted him.

James was very kind early in the year when we had an incident with Bo Wallace’s sister.  We’re going to want to beat them extremely bad Saturday night and he’ll feel the same, but I still think it’s possible to do it and still be very courteous to each other.”


Franklin’s response when asked about the call: “It was a very nice gesture, but… there’s really no reason for people to make those calls.”  Well, aside from just being nice.

Wallace’s sister underwent surgery at VU last month after suffering a broken neck in a car wreck.



Franklin is a Spurrier wanna-be without the resume' or the humor. How smug and arrogant would this guy be if he coached a winner?


I have often bumped into those who believe that they need to be an entirely different person when they are between the white lines.  They also seem to believe that class and decency run counter to competitive edge.  If I find myself in a situation where character no longer applies, then I tend to believe I should not be in that situation.  Unless someone threatens you with bodily harm and you are required to go to drastic measures to protect yourself or others, class is always desirable, possible, and necessary.



 @SevierVol His comments were not nearly as jerky or arrogant as JP made them out to be. All he said was it was a surprise and most coaches just wait until gameday to have this conversation. He was complimentary of Freeze for calling. Also he didn't even mention Bo Wallace's sister or all help he provided their family.  At one time Spurrier didn't have his resume either, he was starting in college football at Duke and built his resume.

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