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Thought Of The Day – 11/20/12

Good Tuesday to you, folks.  There are plenty of news and views coming your way today.  But first, a helluva kickoff to the day musically speaking. The first song off the iPod today comes by way of a true country legend.

Now, most people can claim a hometown.  Somehow, somewhere they’ve got one.  Military brats and ministers’ kids can’t and don’t.  Worse, ministers’ brats — a truly bad breed of which I’m one — can’t claim much of anything at all.

But while I might have moved around a lot as a youth, Bell County, Kentucky gets a nod from me (whether it wants one or not) as this writer’s “home.”  I can’t say that I actually grew up there, but I did live there longer than any other place during my childhood.  And for those who don’t know it, Bell County is smack dab in the heart of coal-mining country.

Spending some of my formative years there, I have no problem admitting that the first song off the iPod today isn’t just any ol’ country song to me… it’s an eye-waterer.  Yup, in my view it’s about as true as anyone’s ever done got to an autobiographical, musical masterpiece.

If you can’t get past the twang, well, that’s your loss, my friend.  Anyone “borned” in a coal mining region in a certain day and age can tell you that this morning’s lyrical inspiration comes from a true American classic.


“Not much left but the floors, nothing lives here anymore.  ‘Cept the memories of a coal miner’s daughter.”


Loretta Lynn – Coal Miner's Daughter.1971.


And, for the record, if you haven’t heard this pseudo-sequel from Loretta Lynn and Jack White it’s your loss.  Good stuff.  Very good stuff.

News, SEC headlines and our own Power Rankings are all on the way.  Stay tuned…


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