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Rumor: Arkansas Chasing LSU’s Miles?

I really hate what we in the media have become.

It used to be the facts mattered more than speed.  Twitter and the internet killed that.  Now we all just race to post crap the fastest.  And that’s what I’m doing here.  I’m posting what I believe to be crap because someone else threw it out there and if we don’t mention it on this site, I’ll get emails and texts about it all night long.

So stand by for a bizarre one…

The website tweeted the following this afternoon:







That was followed by responses from a pair of Arkansas beatwriters:















File this under “I” for “I have to see it to believe it.”

If it’s true, I’ll tip my cap to, the TMZ of sports coverage.  If it’s not true, it won’t matter ’cause that site will have gotten a blue-million eyeballs.  They’ve been wrong on tons of stories over the years, but when they do hit on something, it’s pageviews and spotlights.

Welcome to the media in 2012.

Update: LSU sports information director Michael Bonnette: ”We’ve seen the tweet by Sports by Brooks and we’re not going to comment on rumors or bits of information,” Bonnette said. “It has been brought to Les’ attention and he didn’t have anything to say.”

Evening Update: Source tells New Orleans Time Picayune – “They’ve made a serious offer” - reportedly 5 years, $27.5 million



You can bet that Miles is going to use this for contract leverage. Heard on the radio on the way in today that this huge contract being offered is being bankrolled, partially at least, by Jerry Jones.

BonzaiB 1 Like

Hmmmm. Miles is a great coach and Arkansas is a program that can be rebuilt, but this just stinks of the impossible and the improbable. I mean, what program would be a step up from LSU? A handful of programs that significant out there, and no offense Arkansas, but to move from LSU to Arkansas just doesn't make sense. Someone is going to get the job, but it will be someone who is hungry to take a real challenge on who is not the coach of a major program right now.

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