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Report: Patterson Leading Candidate At Arkansas (As We Told You Last Month)

Syndicated Arkansas radio host Bo Mattingly thinks he knows who Arkansas’ next football coach will be… and if he’s right, we won’t be surprised:











Other sources are now claiming that they’re hearing the same thing (though it’s hard to trust a man who’s in the business of helping coaches land jobs because you never know when he might just be pimping his own guys).

Look, we’re not going to do a victory lap just yet, but we wrote that Arkansas AD Jeff Long was targeting TCU’s coach back on October 23rd, on October 25th, and again on October 29th.

Now, negotiations could still break down, Patterson could lose the rest of his games this season, or TCU could throw big dollars at him to stay.  Nothing is over until it’s actually over.  But if nothing else it’s evident that our sources on Arkansas’ search were about two weeks ahead of everyone else’s sources.

Stay tuned…



I thinki Patterson is a good coach, but not the savior of football as many seem to think....This is the year for him to leave TCU if he really wants to?  His record has been good, but usually playing in a weak conference against average that he's in the big xii things dont look so rosey anymore...yes i know he lost his starting qb but he's finding out he doesn't have, nor will have the talent to play with the top teams in the league!  I think after this year if he stays put, his stock will drop down to where it should be and if he doesn't take the money and run after the season he'd better be happy at tcu??


Bo Mattingly can't be trusted. He gives out bad information all the time. Like many sports writers today, I think he throws out assumptions as facts. Unfortunately, there aren't many sports writers in Arkansas that can be trusted, but Mattingly is especially bad.


Chances are that Mattingly read your blog last night and that's his source.

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