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MrSEC Commitment Comparator – 11/14/12

Pssst.  Hey.  Do you know what today is?

Why it’s the first day of the final 12 weeks of recruitin’ season, of course.  Yep, 12 Wednesdays from today the SEC’s schools will haul in a fresh batch of blue chippers, sure things, and must haves.

With that in mind, we wanted to catch everyone up on the current state of recruiting across the conference.  With up to four head coaching jobs about to come open, things could change greatly from here on out.  Still, it’s worth a look to see how things stand this afternoon.

As usual, we use the star rankings provided by  For each star they hand out, we award one point.  But for the prospects they’ve yet to grade — the dreaded 0-star recruits — we also assign a point.  Hey, we’re nice guys.

We then look at the numbers in a couple of different ways.  First, we look at the total talent being brought into a program.  That’s the top chart.  Just straight total points.  Quantity.

Then, in the second chart, we rank the teams in terms of their average points-per-commitment.  This gives you an idea of what type of athletes — generally — are giving handshake agreements to the SEC’s 14 schools.  Quality.

First, quantity…


  School   Commits   5-stars   4-stars   3-stars   2-stars   1- & 0-stars   Total Points
  Texas A&M   29   0   9   19   1   0   95
  Georgia   27   0   11   16   0   0   92
  LSU   24   0   15   9   0   0   87
  Alabama   19   1   12   6   0   0   71
  Florida   19   1   11   7   0   0   70
  S. Carolina   21   0   7   14   0   0   70
  Auburn   18   3   6   8   0   1   64
  Vanderbilt   21   0   3   17   0   1   64
  Ole Miss   20   0   3   16   1   0   62
  Tennessee   19   0   6   11   1   1   60
  Miss. State   20   0   3   11   4   2   55
  Missouri   17   0   3   13   0   1   52
  Arkansas   16   0   1   11   1   3   42
  Kentucky   14   0   0   11   2   1   38


And now, quality…


  School   Avg. Pts/Commit
  Alabama   3.73
  Florida   3.68
  LSU   3.62
  Auburn   3.55
  Georgia   3.40
  S. Carolina   3.33
  Texas A&M   3.27
  Tennessee   3.15
  Ole Miss   3.10
  Missouri   3.05
  Vanderbilt   3.04
  Miss. State   2.75
  Kentucky   2.71
  Arkansas   2.62


As a bonus, we’ll also give you a little something extra today.  Now, no signee is guaranteed to hit or miss.  Anything from attitude to misevaluation to work ethic to injury to homesickness can impact whether or not a player lives up to his potential.  We realize that.  But having said that, the more high-end players a school signs (meaning 4- and 5-star players), the better its chances of uncovering some real stars of tomorrow.

With that in mind, here are the SEC’s schools ranked from best to worst in terms of their combined numbers of 4- and 5-star commitments:


  School   4- & 5-star Commits
  LSU   15
  Alabama   13
  Florida   12
  Georgia   11
  Auburn   9
  Texas A&M   9
  S. Carolina   7
  Tennessee   6
  Miss. State   3
  Missouri   3
  Ole Miss   3
  Vanderbilt   3
  Arkansas   1
  Kentucky   0



It would be interesting to see NFL signees vs star ratings, then broken down by program. It may show which programs actually "coach them up" vs running them through.


 @buddha22 I like that. A true mission for an obsessed spreadsheet manipulating football fanatic. I think what you will find is the programs that are attracting the best recruits are also the programs coaching them up the best, but it would be fun to look at.


BTW, great article...something interesting to look over.  Another something interesting that you might have done is maybe take the top 10 rated players for each team and give an average star rating.  Then maybe top 12 players.   Think that would provide even more context into the quality of players.  As it stands, you could have a team with 10 players and the average is 4 stars.  But, you could have another school with 15 players, of which 10 are 4 stars and 5 are 3 stars, but, if you just looked at the average star rankings for that class, you would think the 1st school had a better class.

John at MrSEC
John at MrSEC moderator



That's why we show you three different charts... quantity, quality and high-end talent.  You can make up your own mind as to who's having the best class.


Thanks for reading the site,



 @John at MrSEC

 Oh, I totally agree.  That was kinda poor wording on my part in the last sentence.  I should not have put the word "just" in there.  Regardless, thanks for providing the breakdown.

j_scott_o 1 Like

And, here is a little something to think about when it comes to stars and ratings:   Johnny Manziel was a 3-star in 2011.   Would hate to see him if he were a 5-star!


@j_scott_o - rivals seems to have a bias for more stars for commits to established programs. In a way this makes sense. If Saban wants a guy, he sees something and we know he's a good judge of talent. Take their ratings with a grain of salt.


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