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LSU’s Miles Campaigning For The SEC Champ To Reach BCS Title Game

The SEC — despite having six teams ranked in the top nine of the BCS standings — is on the outside looking in at this year’s BCS Championship Game in Miami.  To make the game, the SEC’s eventual champ will likely need a couple of the three teams ranked above it to be upset down the stretch (those teams being Kansas State, Oregon and Notre Dame).

But whether the league gets help or not, LSU’s Les Miles believes the SEC champ deserves a shot at the league’s seventh straight national crown:


“Everybody within this league plays a very difficult schedule.  I think the champion of this league should very well have the opportunity to play in that national championship game until somebody proves that the winner of this league is not the nation’s best team…

On the cusp of the rule change (to a four-team playoff), it’ll be very interesting to see if some of the best teams are left on the sideline (come 2014).  Nationally, in this conference there are a number of very skillful teams that receive a strong national ranking and we play all of them. 

I think the team that stands on the podium with the SEC championship trophy should get great consideration to play in (the national championship game).  Period.”


America says “no, no, no,” but we at say, “yes, yes, yes.”  Each year, NFL teams select more players from the SEC than any other league.  There should be no question that it’s the toughest conference because it’s clearly the most talent-filled conference.  The SEC’s champ deserves a shot at the title.

But the college football season is unforgiving (in most cases).  If you lose a game and two other big-time programs go undefeated, you’re likely finished when it comes to BCS championship picture.  SEC fans might not like that after being on the right side of the rankings for so many years, but facts are facts.  Texas A&M’s win over Alabama likely killed the SEC’s BCS title streak unless there are a whole lotta surprises elsewhere over next few weeks.

Regardless of what Miles, or SEC fans believe.



there are these ideas 2 of the teams have to lose, i think that it is only one.......

if Oregon falls and there is a threat of a  Notre Dame vs K-state , that will be a match with all of the appeal of a bowl of oatmeal

I think that there will be a voting booth moment of truth and ether Oregon or Bama will get a strange boost in the last polls


A lot of football to be played.  Oregon is looking tough (I personally think that they're the best team in the country), but injuries are stacking up and they've got 3 TOUGH games remaining (Stanford, Oregon St and the Pac12 title - Can UCLA beat them?  Can they beat USC twice, particularly if those injuries keep mounting?).  Notre Dame has to go out to USC (and I don't think Notre Dame is that good), where we'll see how they match up - USC's offense against Notre Dame's defense.  K State still has to take on utexas (yes, I'm an Aggie), and they've got the talent to pull the upset and that conference is incredibly balanced, so even the game against Baylor isn't a gimme.  Based upon what I am looking at, I'd argue the SEC champ still has a 50/50 shot at this thing...


Curse them Aggies!!!!  Oh wait, I'm an Aggie.  This is a hard one for me.  I want an SEC team to get to the national title game.  But, for that to happen, I have to cheer against ND (always easy), Oregon (easy), and KSU (easy).  Just one problem.  By cheering against KSU means I'm cheering for Texas.  Uh-oh.  Maybe ND & Oregon will lose before the KSU/Texas game!!!

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